Warning: This post includes spoilers for the initially salso seasons of Game of Thrones.

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As Game of Thrones hurtles towards its seventh seakid — and in turn, the battle in between the living and the dead that it seems to have been teasing since its exceptionally first scene — the show is undoubtedly setting fans up for some pretty dark moments. In fact, based upon its grisly track record, it seems virtually certain that a number of primary personalities will die prior to the series finally comes to a cshed after the final seaboy.

So to save points light as the long-awaited winter descends, below are the a lot of hilarious memes Thrones has actually offered climb to throughout its shortly to be eight-seachild run.

Hipster Jon Snow

Inspired by Jon’s insistence on taking the black prior to the entirety Night’s Watch thing became cool, this meme puts a Westerosi spin on the jiyuushikan.orgless hipster joke. Since learning whatever would certainly simply be way too mainstream.

Mad Man George R.R. Martin

In the wake of Ned Stark’s beheading and also the horror of the Red Wedding, fans functioned through their grief by cracking jokes about George R.R. Martin’s penchant for killing off primary characters.



Winter Is Coming

Ever given that Ned solemnly uttered Housage Stark’s foreboding motto in Thrones‘ extremely initially episode, the “winter is coming” meme has actually come to signify the impfinishing arrival of any ominous event — especially once it comes to parodying well-known fads.



Jon Scurrently Knows Nothing

Thanks to Ygritte’s constant reminders, every Thrones fan knows that Jon Scurrently knows nopoint. And thanks to memes, now everyone on the internet knows it too.

Daenerys’ Unruly Dragons

Despite her Mother of Dragons nickname, Dany kind of has actually had some significant troubles maintaining her winged trio in inspect. Of course, this predicament has likewise produced some fantastic comedic fodder.


The Night King’s Challenge

Following Jon Snow’s ominous initially enrespond to with the White Walkers and also their army of wights in season five’s “Hardresidence,” the internet had a field day with the Night King’s last taunting gesture to the Lord Commander.

Hold the Door

Although Hodor’s last moments in seachild six’s “The Door” were tragic, fans still discovered a method to mix some humor into tributes to the gentle giant’s door-holding heroism.

The Shame Nun

The Septa that followed behind Cersei ringing a bell while repeatedly chanting “shame” throughout the latter’s walk of atonement with the streets of King’s Landing not only inspired an extreme thirst for revenge, however a slew of jokes around genuine life situations in which she’d be helpful.

A Series of Unfortunate Starks

It’s prevalent expertise that the Stark household hasn’t fared especially well given that the start of the series, so the internet made a decision to add insult to injury by parodying their plight.

Everybody Hates Joffrey

Widely considered among the most-hated characters in television history, the petulant King Joffrey is nearly too easy of a tarobtain in the people of virtual humor.

But They May Hate Olly More

If there’s anyone that can complete for Joffrey’s crvery own, it’s Jon Snow’s mentee-turned-murderer Olly, who ceded the last blow during the Night’s Watch assassination of the Lord Commander in the seaboy 5 finale.

Oberyn’s Headaches

The seaboy 4 sequence in which The Mountain beat Oberyn Martell in a trial by combat by crushing the Red Viper’s skull through his bare hands was called “among the the majority of gruesome scenes to date” by Rotten Tomatoes. It likewise obtained the difference of being turned right into a hilarious meme.

Friend-Zoned Jorah

Try as he can, Jorah has never been able to catch Daenerys’ eye in the romantic means he so desires. It probably doesn’t help that he now has actually a disease that’s slowly turning him right into an angry stone monster.

Run, Rickon, Run

Even Art Parkinson — who played the late Rickon Stark — knew his character must have zigzagged while running from Ramsay Bolton’s arrows in the jiyuushikan.org of the “Battle of the Bastards.”

Lannisters Almethods Pay Their Debts

This clever play on the oft-repetitive words of Housage Lannister seems favor it was pretty much inescapable.

A Girl Has No Name

Due to the fact that Jaqen H’ghar’s season two advent, the Faceless Men have become well-known for speaking in the third-person — a halittle bit that Arya adopted in the jiyuushikan.org of her remain at the Housage of Babsence and White. The internet clearly thinks this exercise would come in handy in real life.

Queen Lyanna Mormont

The 10-year-old Lady of Bear Island came to be an immediate fan-favorite following her seakid 6 dehowever, through some proclaiming her the show’s ultimate power player.

Jon Scurrently Lives

After more than year of speculation over the fate of the “dead” Jon Snow, fans were overjoyed by his resurrection in the cshedding moments of seaboy six’s “Home.”

The Onion Knight comically, briefly introducing Jon Snow was so a lot less added than Missandei’s recitation of Dany’s endless résumé and also monikers. So hilarious that it finished up on some Starbucks cups.

Jon Snow’s initial refusal to bfinish the knee for Dany type of because he’s the King in the North obtained some highly amusing remixes.

Lady Olenna did not go quietly into that excellent night, woman that she is. This epic mic drop was not lost on the internet.

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