As the WWE Championship enhance creeps closer and also closer, it appears like as great of a time as any type of to recap the history in between John Cena and also The Miz. For virtually 2 years, these 2 have butted heads on and also off, only to cause this moment at WrestleMania through a civilization title enhance.

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Many watch John Cena as the perchild that got The Miz over with the fans, however will certainly it be Cena that decides that the Era of Awesome is over?

Let"s recap the history of these two guys.

The Miz that we all know and also love this particular day started after shedding a complement at the WWE Draft in 2009. The Miz, then representing ECW, was encountering Kofi Kingston, representing RAW. The Miz"s tag partner, John Morriboy, tried to assist his friend however ended up obtaining him disqualified. The win went to Kofi and the pick went to RAW. Ironically, The Miz was headed to the red present and also, without his tag companion Morrikid, necessary to make a statement or be consumed alive. He decided to make that statement on the male who was the factor that he was drafted in the initially place: John Morrikid.

Miz turned on Morriboy via a Reality Check. That was the night that John Morrison officially turned challenge and also the night that The Miz started his road to awesomeness.

In his first act on RAW, The Miz wanted to make a statement by picking a fight with the greatest dog in the RAW locker room. This, of course, was John Cena. The difficulty is that Cena had bigger troubles to deal with, an emphasis on the word "massive." Cena had his hands full ffinishing off Big Sjust how, who had put Cena through a spotlight at one suggest.

The Miz would certainly issue challenges to Cena on a weekly basis, which would frequently not be answered. That"s right; Cena claims how he is there eextremely week to talk about The Rock, yet Cena has had his fair share of nights where he does not present approximately play up a kayfabe injury. After all, exactly how else would certainly he have actually made those movies of his?

Eincredibly time that Cena did not answer the difficulties by The Miz, the number would certainly flourish. The Miz inevitably stated that The Miz had beat Cena seven times in a row, despite not truly doing it once. However before, it was in that time that The Miz prospered to be the anti-Cena and also gained some fans with his mic skills that had actually enhanced as the weeks wore on.

Cena had actually lastly had actually sufficient of The Miz and his empty dangers and challenged him to a complement at The Bash. Cena was taking care of The Miz through ease till one good respond to by The Miz. Suddenly, The Miz remained in control and reflecting some great moves. For a minute, it looked like The Miz could actually win the match, yet did not.

That was the night wright here many realized that The Miz could be for actual. He hung through John Cena for a couple of minutes and mantaken on him for a suggest in a means that few have actually ever done. This was the beginning of a major change in The Miz.

After some minor collisions, The Miz was fired many thanks to Cena, only to come back with his brand-new look and attitude. Miz would certainly then end up being United States Champion and win the Unified Tag Team Championships via Big Sjust how. This all culminated with The Miz winning his Money in the Bank briefinstance. A lot of speculation occurred from fans believing that The Miz would certainly be the initially to shed their human being title match granted by the briefsituation.

For a few months, The Miz brought the situation roughly, chomping at the bit to cash it in. At SummerSlam, as John Cena was taking care of The Nexus in a seven-on-salso enhance, The Miz didn"t have actually anything to really do. He cut a promo stating that he would be the seventh man on Cena"s team, however would certainly not sign up with the team in the long run. Cena made a decision Daniel Bryan, The Miz"s rookie on seaboy among NXT, instead. The Miz would come in to hit Bryan and knock him out of the enhance.

The Miz drew a great point for being frustrated at SummerSlam. He could have been preparing to cash in that night for the WWE Championship, however saved his energy for the tag complement rather.

When it pertained to Bragging Rights, RAW was searching for a team captain. Tright here was a match between The Miz and John Cena with the winner being the captain for Team RAW. The Miz won the complement and also, rather of being in charge of Team RAW, Cena remained in the corner of Wade Barrett for his championship match versus WWE Champion Randy Orton.

The Miz and also the remainder of Team RAW shed at Bragging Rights to Team Smackdown and also The Miz held onto his briefcase for a tiny longer.

However, it wasn"t as well long.

The Miz came to be the WWE Champion when preying on a vulnerable Randy Orton to win his initially human being championship. At this allude, The Miz was on the highest possible of highs and also John Cena was still at the mercy of Nexus, the lowest allude for Cena in years.

Cena would certainly ultimately get fired and also then rehired, all to land also in the Royal Rumble and have actually a significant grudge through the New Nexus and CM Punk. John Cena then won the Elimination Chamber enhance to face The Miz at WrestleMania. As for The Miz, he safeguarded the title versus such contenders as John Morriboy and also Jerry Lawler to make it to the Grandest Stage of Them All.

In the buildup to this WrestleMania complement, the RAW basic manager booked the two against Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater on of The Corre for the tag team titles. The Miz did many of the work-related and also won the complement to win the tag team title belts.

By the way, carry out you acquire the feeling that John Cena will never before win a tag title through someone he actually likes at the time? First Shawn Michaels, that he had actually an upcoming WrestleMania match, then David Otunga from the Nexus and currently The Miz.

Speaking of Michaels and also Cena, they made it seem favor The Miz and also John Cena as WrestleMania enemies and tag team champions was the first instance. Not just did Cena and also HBK carry out it a few years back, but the Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio storyline had them as tag team champions dealing with one another at WrestleMania.

Before I could also finish explaining all of this business, The Corre asked for their rematch, which Cena was managing until The Miz hit Cena with a Skull Crushing Finale and left him to lose the tag titles back to The Corre.

When The Rock announced that he was the host of WrestleMania, the fans were thrilled. When he called out John Cena, it looked choose it would certainly be an epic enrespond to at the event.

However before, human being kept forobtaining that John Cena has actually a human being title enhance through The Miz at WrestleMania. The Miz offered this situation with The Rock to obtain any benefit that he can over Cena. Miz also dressed as The Rock, which had actually everyone fooled for a minute.

The Miz has also perdeveloped a People"s Elbow to Cena, nicknamed by me as the Awesome Elbow. Despite every one of this, The Miz was knocked out of the ring by The Rock this Monday on RAW, just for The Great One to experience an Attitude Adjustment at the hands of Cena.

So where does this all lead us? While everyone is wondering when we will certainly check out The Rock in terms of this complement, human being should realize that The Miz is coming complete circle in this match. Two years back, he was a hapmuch less tag team partner to John Morrison, only to be pumelted on his own and also pursue Cena. Now, it is Cena going after Miz through the human being championship on the line. It need to be a good one from Atlanta this Sunday at WrestleMania.

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