I had a substantial awakening when I discovered the Jergens Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Moisturiser. Before I bought this lotion, I had been making use of The Nivea Nourishing Body Milk with Almond Oil. It was really moisturising and aside from the truth that it was more suitable for someone via dry skin, I would’ve maintained using it.

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Nonethemuch less, this wasn’t the just factor why I stopped making use of this lotion. After finding out that it couldn’t attend to my back acne, this reality prompted me to study what other alternatives I had actually. That’s how I found out about Jergens and its variety of moisturisers and body butters.

I made a decision the Jergens Shea Butter Deep conditioning Moisturiser, which comes in a 621 ml/21Fl OZ bottle.

What I liked

Jergens Shea Butter Moisturizer comes in a very generous, creamy bottle containing even more than fifty percent a litre of pure goodness. Yes, it is that excellent.


The packaging is incredibly convenient and helpful given that you get a pump instead of a standard flip top seal. Considering the viscosity of the product, the pump offers you even more manage over the amount of product you dispense, reduces spills and borders contaminants as you never before need to touch or interfere via the product in the bottle. This additionally contributes to the product’s shelf life.

Ingredients in the Jergens shea butter moisturiser


On average the Jergens Shea Butter Moisturiser lasts 9-10 hrs on the skin. Reapplication is not needed, and with fair use, the 621ml bottle have the right to last you more than six months.

What I disliked

Whenever you push down on the actuator and also turn the seal to close the pump, the lotion often tends to come out because some of it continues to be in the pump. For this reason, it’s great to close the pump prior to you end up using the moisturizer and use the dispensed product on locations you must. Nonetheless, this is not a really significant aspect because the lotion has a wealthy texture, which stays clear of it from oxidizing.

Overall Verdict

Moisturizing effect; 5/5

Hydralucence; 5/5

Functionality; 5/5

Cost; 3/5

Would I repurchase it? Yes. Would I recommend it to someone? Definitely.

It’s worth to note that Jergens has actually various other variants, which you may discover suitable for your skin type and preference. However, watch out for counterfeit versions. You might refer to these guidelines to ensure that you purchase the original product.

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The Jergens Shea butter moisturizer is easily easily accessible on regional stores and also online platcreates such as Jumia.

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