When speaking around the movies of David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly"s touching tribute to the untimely death of the rocker mirrors the people how magical Bowie was as Jareth the Goblin King. Connelly was just a teenager at the time, however she recalled exactly how being in the film was prefer being in wonderland also, and also she defined Bowie as one that made the entire suffer magical.

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Some fans would certainly agree. Created by Jim Henson"s Creature Shop, Labyrinth told the story of a young girl that tasked via watching her a lot younger baby brother. The Goblin King snatched the boy up, and she need to discover him by complying with the trail through the risks of the vast labyrinth for which the film was called.


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Unfortunately, the 1986 Jim Henboy movie failed at the box office. Like the other Henboy project The Dark Crystal, it was sensibly dark for a kids" story that featured Henson"s muppets as the star attractivity. Regardless of the financial faiattract, the film inevitably gathered a cult adhering to based, largely, upon the David Bowie"s acting.

Bowie brought his outrageous punk rock fashion feeling from the concert stage onto the movie display. No one can forget his hair, never before mind exactly how he yielded some of his lines from the movie.


RachelKlammer) August 25, 2013Jennifer Connelly"s David Bowie tribute is just a little more emotional than that. She recalls how he made the endure magical for her via his presence on the set.

" was exceptionally warmth. He was lovely," Connelly recently told Entertainment Tonight. "He was just a nice, sweet male -- cracking jokes and friendly via the crew."

On Twitter, Kelly Clarkboy likewise recalled just how Bowie"s characterization of the Goblin King was a memorable component of her childhood.So bummed 2 hear around David Bowie passing. I have loved him because I saw The Labyrinth as a kid! Great music & a super innovative artist!

— Kelly Clarkchild (
kelly_clarkson) January 11, 2016Connelly recalls the movie"s "beauticompletely designed" sets making it feel "prefer wonderland" to her. Jim Henchild passed away many years earlier, however Connelly still remembers him via fondness.

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"I loved Jim Henboy, and also David Bowie was so sweet to me," sassist the currently 45-year-old actress. " it was most likely more fun than watching the film. It was a really special suffer."

The actress said she had "so a lot admiration for him," especially Henson"s "gentle soul."

"He was really genius," she added.

The very same might be sassist for David Bowie. May he rest in tranquility.Such exceptionally sad news RIP David Bowie. Forever a legfinish, I still remember watching Labyrinth for the initially time & hearing star man #DavidBowie

— Scarlett Moffatt (
ScarlettMoffatt) January 11, 2016Thankyou David Bowie for making the film and also soundtrack of my childhood. (And adulthood.) #RIPDavidBowie#Labyrinthpic.twitter.com/I7DbPavIFZ