Jay Electronica made some waves this morning by Tweeting a attach to a brand also new remix of Drake and also Soulja Boy's "We Made It," this time featuring killer verses from himself and Jay Z.

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The Jays kill it on the track, dropping reference-hefty lines over the Purp Dogg-produced beat. Following Electronica's history-laden verse, Hov calls out various other rappers -- consisting of Drake himself -- spitting, "Sorry Mrs. Drizzy for so much art talk / Silly me rappin' 'bout shit that I really bought / Why these rappers rap around weapons they ain't shot? / And a bunch of various other silly shit that they ain't got." The only thing tagged on the SoundCloud is 12 Years A Slave, which is proper considering the cover art and also the song's multiple referrals to the film. Listen to the sick track over and downfill for cost-free with MediaFire.

Check out Drake's original variation and tell us that you think did it better. "We Made It" complies with Jay Electronica's recent track "much better in tune w the limitless," which you deserve to inspect out appropriate here at jiyuushikan.org.

Jay Electronica & Jay Z "We Made It" lyrics:

Eastbound & Down's Kenny Powers>The only point I'm seeing I'd favor to put an amfinish on, perhaps a tiny even more room below for the fixins. You understand what I'm talkin' about? Oh, we gon' have actually many fixins. We gonna have so many type of fucking fixins up in this motherfucker, this shit gon' go via the roof.

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Got damn I'm shittin' gold these days

We made itWe made it

The adversary, the haters, the bloggers, the documents, the labels, they labeled meBut they can't relate to our struggle, my nigga, we came up from slaveryApologies go out to every one of my fans cause they waited so patientlyThis one is for every one of the shed and also forobtained black angels that prayed for meA milli, a milli, niggas love me reason I'm illThe greatest story ever before told, niggas in the fieldFrom Solomon to Sambo to Django, it's factI'm the Farrakhan of rap and also I gain it from the wheelThe kid of WD, who hung approximately in the DWho ran approximately in the threeThe trap gods raised meFace all on the SphinxStory all in the wevery one of the pyramidsNiggas recognize the Black God conserved meYou have the right to blow the nose off, that won't readjust itObamatreatment won't heal all that anguishWe came a long means from the bottom of the boatAll praise to the Mahdi, we discovered our languageGold necklace, middle finger erectedGod people of Shabazz stylin' on the recordLost sons of Muhammad, wildin' in the wreckageAsha du illah illaha is the messageAll these niggas, I got to fight oneAll these devils, I gained to strike someAll these rebels just waitin' on the war cryMama shelp "Son, you obtained to strike drum"Roc Nation, celebrationMotivation, elevationNigga we made it from slaves on a slaveshipLive from the cotton areas, right to the spaceship

Kinda renders me wonder why the hell so many kind of people are tryna tell me to sluggish dvery own. Seems prefer motherfuckers need to be shuttin' the hell up and enjoyin' the show

Hop off the slave shipPoppin' my chain, and also took it to Jacob, I got it gold platedWalked in that bitch like "Nigga we made it!"I own my own masters, you know I ain't missin' no aristocracy statementsI can't be rated, damn Hov stunt on them hatersSorry Mrs Drizzy for so much art talkSilly me rappin' 'bout shit that I really boughtWhy these rappers rap about weapons they ain't shot?And a bunch of various other silly shit that they ain't gotI'm on my Lupita Nyong'oStuntin' on stage, acquired the 12 Years A SlaveThis Ace of Spades look choose an OscarBabsence tux, look favor a mobsterDon't make me RRRRAA yah, nigga watch your toneI concerned court with black boxers onY'all hella jealous of my melatoninI might babsence out at any kind of offered momentI'm God, G is the seventh letter madeSo as soon as my arms & feet shackled I still acquire paidAll praises dueI'm prepared to chase the Yakub back into cavesThese are the last days, yet do I seem fazed?Showed as much as the last supper in some brand brand-new J'sI'm the true and livin', book of HovNew religious beliefs, 8th wonder of the people, alien, superstitionYou're blind, babyBlind to the truth of that you are maybeMy bloodline's crazyKings and queens and also Michael Jordan ringsI go stupiexecute, sucioThe flow is filthy, y'all can't kill meI've been inoculated from the snakes and the fakesThe corny handshakes, cock sucker we made it