On Jane the Virgin Seachild 1 Episode 3, Jane decides it"s time to finally perform the deed through Michael. Watch digital to find out if she have the right to really go via with it.

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Jane Villanueva realizes that her best fear - being pregnant and unmarried - has come true, so to hell through waiting any longer to have actually sex. Watch Jane the Virgin Seaon 1 Episode 3 digital to discover out what happens as soon as Jane renders this life-altering decision, only to have last minute doubts.

Though she loves her fiance, Jane has a couple of run-ins with Rafael that leave her heart racing. Maybe it"s just the hormones, but possibly it"s somepoint even more. Luckily for Jane, magnificent treatment (in the form of Luisa"s love affair with her step-mother) interrupts Jane and Michael prior to they have the right to go too much. Jane confesses that she"s not ready. Michael is knowledge, yet argues they move their wedding day up - to next week.

Michael is handling his own collection of troubles. He doesn"t want Petra"s involvement via Zazo revealed with their examination, out of are afraid that Rafael will certainly ask for a divorce and also Jane will want to save the baby. When Petra asks Michael to help retreive her necklace from the crime scene, he willingly does so. He only realizes he"s in too deep when it"s as well late: the proof versus Petra is piling up, however if he doesn"t gain her out of this situation, she"ll disclose him for evidence tampering.

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Episode Details

Jane ponders a life-changing decision on Jane the Virgin Seaboy 1 Episode 3. On the other hand, Michael"s on-going murder examination pressures him to make a pact with Petra.