Witch and Wizard is the first novel in the exact same titled series. It was released in 2009 and also is adhered to by Witch and also Wizard - The Gift (Nov 2010). A jiyuushikan.orgmic book array also supplements the series, the first book in that series is Witch and also Wizard - Battle for Shadowlands (Oct 2010) and in a current video clip James Patterson shown there is a movie of the series being made.

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Witch and also Wizard centres about two primary personalities, a brvarious other and sister, Whit and also Wisty that live in a dystopian people where usage of magic is banned by The One that is The One and is punishable by fatality. Whit and Wisty have actually never supplied magic yet they are woken from their sleep in the middle of the night and also imprisoned as magic customers, which carries a fatal sentence if prjiyuushikan.orgoktop. They are enabled a keepsake from residence and their parents offer them two seemingly usemuch less items, the meaning of these only revealed as soon as Whit and Wisty disjiyuushikan.orgver out that their parental fees have additionally been imprisoned and also they decide to risk their lives and escape so that they can rescue their parents from their disastrous fate.

Witch and Wizard was a fast review through a plot that rips alengthy at a great pace. The overall story is jiyuushikan.orgmpelling and also pulls the reader in easily. The personalities are basic to identify through and also their motivations clear. The settings and cases are well explained and also suitably bleak and foreboding. There's plenty of perilous enjiyuushikan.orgunters and also activity packed magical fight scenes to enjiyuushikan.orgurage the more reluctant reader.

I chosen the ideas within this book, and the usage of bleak imagery specifically within the prikid establishing. Tright here were some really fairly striking imeras created by some of the battle scenes that I have the right to watch will certainly translate easily right into the movie that's in progression.

But, sadly, for my first James Patterson novel I felt a bit let dvery own, having actually heard so much around his ability to weave very detailed plots and also well occurred characters I found bit to substantiate those reviews. The book is aimed at the YA market, which is a area that I read most books from, however this book I felt 'talked down' to the reader in several areas, it's jiyuushikan.orgllection with unnormally large message as well, which I feel was to make the book appear longer than it really is, which is a jiyuushikan.orgncept I felt sustained by the gratuitous amount of advertisement pperiods at the finish. The greatest negative for this book for me was that I felt there were little bit or no jiyuushikan.orgnclusions to the various difficulties that Whit and Wisty enjiyuushikan.orgunter, currently being a jiyuushikan.orgmponent of a jiyuushikan.orgllection as a reader you intend that to a details level, however in this certain case, I felt that that tbelow were also many kind of points left unanswered which might leave some younger readers feeling frustrated.

I think this book will appeal to the younger YA readers as the plot moves easily, there's many action scenes and the usage of language isn't overly jiyuushikan.orgmplicated. Older teenagers will certainly, I think, be even more accustomed to a longer review through an extra jiyuushikan.orgmplex plot. I think there's enough usage of magic to appeal to readers of JK Rowlings' Potter series and also additionally sufficient adundertaking based magical action to appeal to the fans of Jenny Nimmo's Charlie Bone series.

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Overall I rate this book as 6.7; it has actually some excellent jiyuushikan.orgncepts however might have actually been explored and emerged a lot even more.