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Have you ever been stuck in a situation wright here you produced a backup more than likely on your iPhone or iPad and later forgot what the backup password was? It can be incredibly frustrating. However before, it is not completely hopeless, and also you can constantly reclaim those backups with the iPhone Backup Unlocker. iTunesKey is among them.

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Part 1: iTunesKey Full Review: Is It Worth Trying

Part 2: A Better Alterindigenous of iTunesKey


iTunesKey Full Review: Pros & Cons

iTunesKey is a renowned backup password recovery tool for iTunes that can be supplied to recover foracquired or lost password from earlier up records. There is a substantial opportunity that forgained password of encrypted iTunes backup cannot be accessed at all until it is decrypted.


Pros & Cons of iTunesKey

Now, let us look at some beneficial features and the drawbacks of iTunesKey;


Simple and intuitive graphics recommendations Compatibility via backups developed in all versions of iTunes Automatically detect the NVIDIA and ATI GPU card to hasten the recoextremely procedure It supports iTunes backup for all iPhones kinds as much as iPhone 3GS/3G, iPad and iPod.

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The Truth around Free Online iTunesKey Registration Code

There are a number of websites via an advertisement for customers to accessibility totally free registration codes for iTunesKey. However before, the fact around this is that many of them have actually been provided by various other customers who constant the websites and as such, they are invalid.

A Better Choice for You to Recover Password Faster

Although tbelow are so many kind of benefits in iTunesKey, the decryption speed have the right to be very sluggish if the password is also facility. If you’re in a hurry, looking for a far better alternate is highly recommfinished.

KeyGenius iPhone Back-up Unlocker is among such much better tool; programmed through the latest decryption technical, it deserve to assist you decrypt foracquired iTunes backup password in a lightning-quick speed. Besides, it have the right to additionally rerelocate iTunes backups encryption settings without a password.

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1,000,000+ Downloads

Key Features:

Decrypts iTunes backup password using three powerful approaches Removes iTunes encryption settings without the require of a password Available in the latest decryption modern technology, assist you to find your foracquired password easilyCompatible with all versions of iTunes and iOS devices It is 100% secure for your iTunes backup

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Detailed Steps to Recover Your Forgained Password

Tip 1: Select mode - pick "Unlock iTunes Backup" on the home interface.


Step 2: Choose backup - all backup records of iTunes at default area are here. Choose one and also click NEXT. The "unlock status" reflects the percent completed for each backup, and also you can easily resume backup from the last one. If your backup status is undisclosed, click "select" to select the backup folder manually.


Step 3: select the unlocking strategy - Any one of the three powerful connect approaches can be offered to unlock.


Method 1: dictionary assault

You deserve to use this method if your password is common. To facilitate unlocking success, utilizing the latest dictionary version is advised.

Method 2: Brute pressure with mask attack

Use this technique if you have any type of information about your password such as component of the password, length, prefix/suffix and so on The more information offered, the greater the unlocking success price.

Method 3: Brute pressure attack

The brute force attack is ideal suited for as soon as you cannot respeak to anything about the password. It generally takes a much longer time to unlock compared to various other techniques because it will certainly try eextremely possible combination to open the password.

Step 4: click the "Start to Unlock" switch.


Wait for a while, your password unlocks, and also you might copy or open up it directly.



The iTunesKey is a veritable tool to recuperate forgotten iTunes backup passwords. However, it may be extremely slow if your password is as well complex or your computer doesn"t have actually enough graphics cards. Luckily, KeyGenius is easily accessible for you! This tool will certainly enable you to find the password effectively!