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“My iTunes Helper will not run on my Windows 10 Pro HP computer, whenever I attempt to back up my iPad Air 2 and/or iPhone 6+ to my iCloud account. Please aid me via principles on just how to resolve this problem.”

iTunes is the main music manager for Apple iOS gadgets and also macOS computer that allows you purchase music and songs for your Apple gadgets. iTunes as a computer-based software deserve to job-related effectively on Windows 10/8/7 and Mac computer systems. However before, for iTunes to occupational successfully, it requirements a software application component dubbed iTunesHelper.exe file. But most regularly than not, this .exe file is corrupt or not running.

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Therefore, we shall be pointing out what an iTuneshelper.exe file is, what functions they perdevelop, why iTunes helper is not running, and also methods to settle it.

What is iTunes Helper?

iTunes Helper or iTuneshelper.exe file is a background software program component of iTunes that was developed by Apple Computer Inc. to seamlessly launch iTunes whenever an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is plugged right into computer system PC.

What’s the Function of the iTunesHelper.exe File?

As a “.exe” file (i.e. executable file), iTunesHelper is a software/file that contains the step-by-step instruction that a Windows operating system adheres to to launch iTunes software program on your computer system. Hence, you won’t have the ability to usage iTunes on your computer system if the iTunesHelper.exe file is absent or corrupt.

Why and When Will iTunesHelper Not Running?

One of the significant possible factors why your iTunesHelper.exe file is not working in bereason of virus/malware corrupt .exe documents which were not correctly scanned for viroffers prior to opening in your COMPUTER.

A few of the most common iTunesHelper error messperiods that are likely to be watched when founding up iTunes on a windows PC include:

iTunesHelper.exe Application ErroriTunesHelper.exe is not a valid Win32 applicationiTunesHelper.exe has actually encountered a problem and demands to close We are sorry for the inconvenienceCannot discover iTunesHelper.exeiTunesHelper.exe not foundError starting program: iTunesHelper.exeiTunesHelper.exe is not runningiTunesHelper.exe failedFaulting Application Path: iTunesHelper.exe

On the question of ‘when perform iTunesHelper errors occur’, we would certainly say that these errors messperiods appear mostly throughout computer startup, iTunes startup, or while trying to usage a details attribute in iTunes.

Note: at the allude wright here the iTunesHelper.exe error occurs is an important piece of information in solving it.

The Best Way to Fix iTunesHelper Not Running TunesFix is an iTunesHelper.exe repairer tool for Windows 7, 8 and 10 Computers. This tool has no competition bereason it’s the only iTunesHelper.exe repairer software application that’s easily accessible to everyone encountering this error. TunesFix is designed to fix all iTunes and also iTunes component software errors that can aincrease once starting, updating, running, installing, or uninstalling iTunes.

TunesFix have the right to deal with all “iTunesHelper not running” worries to make you have actually a stress-free experience when using iTunes to manage music and other media documents on your Windows computer.


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Key Features:

Unwell-known errors (e.g. iTunesHelper not running) that occur while utilizing iTunes to backup, gain back or control contents on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch have the right to be quickly fixedSelect the specific iTunes or iTunes component software trouble you’re encountering and also settle it Fix various other iTunes backup, uninstall, reinstall, and also upday errors and issues through just a few clicks.TunesFix as an iTunesHelper.exe repairer tool deserve to resolve all iTunes Helper issues and also errors in few clicks.


Steps to deal with “iTunesHelper not running” with TunesFix:

Tip 1: Download and install TunesFix on your PC. Launch TunesFix and it will immediately detect your iTunes and also its vital components.


Step 2: Once it mirrors you the particular standing of your iTunes, you have the right to click the “Repair” tab to deal with the worry.


Step 3: Try to use your iTunes aget, if the “iTunesHelper not working” error persists, then you need to pick “Fix Other iTunes Problems” alternative to deal with this problem.


Tip 4: Click “Repair” to begin the procedure. When it’s done, the “iTunesHelper is not running error” would certainly have been addressed.

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Other Solutions to Fix iTunesHelper Not Running

1.Conduct A Full Malware Sdeserve to of Your PC

Tright here is constantly a high chance that iTunesHelper not running error is emanating from malware infeterminal of your PC software application and also programs. This malware can delete, corrupt, or damages iTunesHelper.exe file, thereby making it not to run. To run a complete virus scan of your PC:

Step 1: Go to your Windows 10 taskbar and click on “Show covert icons”. You’ll view your Windows Defender symbol in the menu, click on it.Tip 2: Click on “Virus and Threat Detection” and when you are on the web page, click “State-of-the-art Scan”.Tip 3: Thick the circle for “Full Scan” and click “Sdeserve to Now” to scan for malicious software application on your PC.

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2.Update Your COMPUTER Drivers

Outdated COMPUTER drivers deserve to be the reason of iTunesHelper not running. But the excellent news is that you can easily upday your PC chauffeurs.

Tip 1: Go to your Windows 10 search bar and also form “Device Manager”. Click on Device Manager option on the outcomes.Tip 2: Click on the individual motorists on the “Device Manager” window, then right-click the one you would certainly choose to upday, and also select Upday Driver.