Itunes wifi sync greyed out

iTunes Wi-Fi sync is convenient but it won’t occupational as soon as it doesn’t present your device or the alternative is greyed out. Follow this passage to settle the difficulty iTunes Wi-Fi sync not functioning.

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/ Last Updated February 24, 2021


iTunes WiFi sync not working

Open iTunes to sync my iPhone as usual however can’t uncover the gadget symbol in iTunes. It supplied to be great. I have actually Dell Windows 10, iPhone 12 iOS 14.3, and iTunes Why my iPhone not recognized this time?

- Inquiry from an iPhone user

iTunes is a brilliant companion for iOS device. With iTunes, you deserve to backup iPhone to computer system over Wi-Fi, transport, and also sync your iPhone and iPad. To sync iPhone with iTunes, you just should erected Wi-Fi sync as soon as you attach iPhone to iTunes with USB cable. After that, you don’t require wired connection however you can still sync your iPhone to iTunes over the air.

As the official program of Apple, typically, it works perfectly yet even the best programs would certainly make mistakes.


The a lot of widespread problem is that you cannot construct connection in between iTunes and also iPhone over the air. The complying with passage would tell you just how to fix it if you can’t sync iPhone to iTunes through Wi-Fi.

Section 1. How to settle iTunes Wi-Fi sync not working issue?

According to Apple, your iPhone would certainly instantly show up in iTunes once the iOS tool and computer system are connected to the very same Wi-Fi. Because of this, you might find that iTunes Wi-Fi sync choice lacking on your iPhone because you don’t need to initiate this procedure on iPhone through Settings > General > iTunes Wi-Fi Sync anyeven more.

If you still can’t use Wi-Fi to affix iPhone and computer system or iTunes cannot work-related, below are the fixes.

#1 Do Preparation

As is pointed out in the beginning, you should allow iTunes Wi-Fi sync by means of wired connection at least as soon as. If you have actually updated iTunes or iOS, you might connect iPhone to iTunes and check Sync this iPhone over Wi-Fi and also click Apply.

Check the Wi-Fi you are using on iPhone. If you have more than one Wi-Fi in your house, your iPhone can not connect the specific Wi-Fi eincredibly time so you have to affix iPhone to the ideal Wi-Fi by yourself.


#2 Make IP deal with fixed

Even as soon as your two devices are connected to the exact same netjob-related, the connection can still fail to build bereason of various IP addresses.

The measures to resolve your IP deal with are a small complex. If you want to examine whether you are using a addressed IP and settle the IP worry, you might describe this guide: How to Set Up DHCP Reservations?


#3 Allow Bonjour via firewall

Except for cshed antivirus as soon as you connect iPhone to iTunes over Wi-Fi, you have to allow Apple’s Bonjour Service via Windows firewall. You should follow the steps:

1. Press and organize Windows Key and then press E to open up Run box. Type control and also press Enter to open Control Panel.


2. Click System and also Security.


3. Click Allow an app via Windows Firewall.


4. Click Change Settings, inspect all the Bonjour Service and click OK.


Now you have the right to connect iPhone to iTunes over Wi-Fi to sync the gadget.

#4 Force restart Apple’s service

Apple Mobile Device Service is the driver which helps to affix iOS device to computer system. You can restart the driver to solve Wi-Fi connection issue. Follow the steps:

1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del at the very same time and then choose Task Manager.

2. Select Services, situate and right-click Apple Mobile Device Service, and also click Restart.

If you use Mac computer, you can restart the driver in Activity Monitor.


#5 Reinstall iTunes from Apple Support

Some customers reported that iTunes installed from Microsoft Store would reason iTunes Wi-Fi sync problem. You would discover the sync choice is greyed out or various other difficulties. It might be solved by reinstalling iTunes from Apple Support.

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You should follow the procedures to entirely uninstall iTunes and then download iTunes from Apple Support to reinstall it.

1. Press Windows Key + R and kind Control to open Control Panel.

2. Select Programs and also Features.

3. Double click iTunes Apple Software Update > Apple Mobile Device Support > Bonjour > Apple Application Support in order to totally uninstall iTunes from your computer system.


4. Download iTunes from Apple Support and install it.

5. Connect iPhone to iTunes with USB cable, click the gadget icon, check Sync this iPhone over Wi-Fi and also click Apply.

6. Disconnect iPhone from computer system, connect computer and iPhone through the exact same Wi-Fi, and also then you can still discover your device in iTunes.

Section 2. How to Sync your iPhone in the best way?

When you sync music, photos, and also various other data right into iPhone, your library on iPhone would be completely recomposed, so you might should examine the regional iTunes library eincredibly time. Why not pick an less complicated means to sync iPhone.

AOMEI MBacktop is the ideal iPhone information transport to assist you easily sync data like photos, videos, and also music in between iPhone and also computer.

Ptestimonial Files: You deserve to straight pick files from your computer and also then sync iPhone as you wish.

Safe Process: Your information on iPhone will certainly never before to recreated so feel at ease to sync your iPhone.

Powerful software: It supports the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max/12 mini/SE 2020/iPad 8/Air 4, iOS 14.4/13 and also the previous tools and also devices.

--> Steps to sync iPhone your iPhone:

Step 1. Get the installation package of AOMEI MBackupper by clicking the button below and also install it on your computer system. After that, connect iPhone to AOMEI MBackupper with USB cable.


Secure Download

Step 2. In AOMEI MBackupper, pick Transfer to iPhone.


Step 3. Click any kind of location in the box to include photos, videos, or music from your computer.


Step 4. Click Transfer to safely sync your iPhone.



If you got iTunes Wi-Fi sync not working bereason the link faibrought about be constructed or iTunes doesn’t work-related, you have the right to follow the advice in the passage to deal with the difficulty.

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Besides, you could additionally select an simpler way to sync your iPhone, using AOMEI MBacktop. This technique would certainly be more friendly than utilizing iTunes.