Itunes was not copied because it cannot be played on this iphone

I recently bought an iPod Standard and also since this iPod has a large capacity, you have the right to easily store movies on it. So I included a .MP4 video file to iTunes and also it was able to play the movie without a problem. So I decided to Sync the iPod to add the movie to the tool, but to my surpincrease an Error Post home window showed up stating:

In this post you will learn exactly how to fix this problem in 2 different means.

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What reasons this error?

The many probable cause is that the iPod / iPad lacks codecs assistance in which movie file was encoded. Another opportunity is that the resolution of the video is as well high for your tool to manage. Whatever before the reason, the solution is to transform the video papers to the proper format.

Tbelow are two methods to achieve this and also we are going to examine both of them. First, we will display exactly how to deal with this worry by installing third-party converter software program and also then, exactly how to transform video records straight from iTunes.

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How to Use MacX MediaTrans:
Connect iPhone/iPad and also Mac via cable.Select videos in whatever before format on your Mac.Hit Sync switch to transport videos. Format conversion will certainly be done simultaneously.
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Convert through third-party tools

First lets briefly research totally free third-party converter software program easily accessible to downpack. Even if the software program states it is free, some of them will provide you limitations while converting either by including annoying watermark, slower conversion, or limited video size.

Until recently I was using Free MP4 Video Converter, however via the current variation available (november 2017), the software application is not that good anymore as it doesn't provide you a lot alternatives on exactly how to transform the movie. I have tried numerous totally free options and also at the moment, the one I liked is HandBrake, which is the open source video transcoder obtainable for Windows, Mac and also Linux.

Whatever before software program you choose, you need to attain the video conversion in 3 steps:

First you convert the movie file making use of that tool.Then add that file to the iTunes library.Finally you have to Sync the library to your Device, simply make certain that under Movie tab you have schosen correct checkboxes so the video papers will certainly additionally be synced.

How to usage HandBrake Video Converter

Here is a quick guide on just how to usage the HandBrake software.

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First you have to choose a resource selection, either a folder (for multiple files) or a single file.Select a location route, where the encoded files will certainly be stored.Next, on the ideal sidebar, pick the tool. The iPod and iPad are under Legacy team.Finally, click "Start Encode" switch situated at the peak.Increasing the video dimension for iPod Standard utilizing HandBrake

An iPod Classic device supports the video measurement approximately 640 by 480 pixels. Unfortunately, the HandBrake sets the dimension to 320x180 when the heritage iPod preset is supplied. We have the right to settle that by picking "iPhone & iPod Touch" precollection instead and also slightly editing the settings to the following:

Under Picture tab, collection the Width to 640. The measurement will certainly automatically be set to 640x480.Under Video tab, set the "Encoder Profile" to Baseline.Also under Video tab, collection the "Encoder Level" to 1.3.
Note: One advantage to usage iTunes for converting the video documents is that it will certainly provide you the a lot of optimum result automatically.

Convert through iTunes

Converting video directly from iTunes is exceptionally comparable to the 3 actions stated previously.

You have to carry out the following:

First step is to add the video to the iTunes library. Make sure, you have actually Films group schosen, before adding the video file or folder to the library.


After conversion has actually ended, you will have both video records in iTunes library. Select the original video and rerelocate it from the list. If you cannot tell which one is the old original file, include a Date Added Shaft by right-clicking header row (wbelow you have actually Name, Time, Genre, Rating,...) and also choose Date Added.Now all that is left is to Sync your iPod / iPad.
Note: If the video has not been included after the syncing, verify that the checkbox close to the movie name in the iTunes library is checked.


When converting the video papers to iPod or iPad tools, you could gain an error message saying that video file cannot be included because it cannot be played on that device. This happens as soon as either the codecs or resolution of video records is not sustained by the apple device. We have examined 2 methods to solve this concern. We deserve to use third-party video converter software or we can transform the movies directly from the iTunes software program.

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I hope you have actually found this post advantageous. If you prefer some various other third-party converter tool, drop a comment and tell us around it.