Itunes volume adjustment not working

When you state the individual song volume no much longer functions with iTunes, does that mean it changed through the update?

Did Sound Check gain allowed some how?

iTunes 12 for Windows: Adjust the volume

Have all songs and also videos always play at the very same volume level: Choose Edit > Precommendations, click Playback, and choose Sound Check.

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Take treatment.

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Hi. Yes I think it changed with the last update. No, I looked in choices and also soundcheck has actually not been allowed. When I go to adjust the volume of a song and also relocate the volume slider left or ideal, click ok and departure, I discover that as soon as I re-enter the file in the future, the volume is earlier to the original level it was prior to my adjustment??

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Hi hammerofthegods1,

As I can not duplicate the problem and also am not finding why the volume adjust option is not staying for you, you might discover more indevelopment by utilizing one more one of"s assistance resources -

Take care

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did you regulate to work-related that one out...? i have the same worry and also simply been on the phone via Support to try find a solve... no luck. if i create a brand-new iTunes Library, then it all works fine.. however my primary library (with hundreds of tracks and also numerous playlists) is still effected...

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I have the very same problem! Was hoping the last update would correct this yet it was not to be.

I have countless songs, and I constantly had actually the volume manually made louder once I started loading songs years back. I"ve been going from album to album and re-adjusting each album to have comparable volume (because some older albums are not re-mastered and need to be made louder). However before, 2 itunes updays back the manual song/album volume change does not occupational. I deserve to readjust the volume while I listen, and I will certainly hear it adjust, however it will not save! I go and listen to it aget, and it ago the the original collection volume from prior to. This has actually completely quit me from getting all the album volumes to sound equivalent to each various other.

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I permit soundinspect in choices and also that rather works, yet I desire to level every little thing myself considering that certain albums still have actually a enormous distinction in volume level that can only be addressed if I manually adjust them.

Also, altering the begin/finish time to rerelocate dead area from songs does not work either. Now I"ve been quit on my pursuit to re-volume all my albums.

So, it appears the the volume adjust and also begin/end times under options simply doesn"t conserve as soon as you adjust something.

Stselection thing is, I"ve loaded new albums/Cds and the volume readjust will conserve, its simply the older albums that were there before the upday (and also no, I"m not re-reloading thousands of CDs aget so the volume readjust works).

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Sep 4, 2015 11:31 AM

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No certain if you men have identified the fix for this one yet, but I did. I dubbed support to aid me with this exact same worry and they were unable to help me directly until I argued creating a different file format for the song in the itunes window and that worked! What you should perform is go to preferences and also under the general tab, you have the right to adjust the import settings. Mine was set to AAC and also my file that required volume adjustment was an mp3, so one you change the settings, click manage and also click the song title and adjust the file to an additional format, then once you execute the volume adjustment to that file, it will certainly remain at that new adjustment.