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my iTunes routine keeps offering me the "Color Wheel of Death" as quickly as I open up the program. I deserve to not click on anything and have to "Force Close" the routine. Any Ideas?

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Any number of things can be happening through your computer system. Try some of these, to start:

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poikkeus,, thanks for the details. But none worked

#1 Clearing the dyld didn"t work-related. Said, "Command also Not Found".

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#2 was selling publications.

#3 Ive currently done all of these and it didn"t work either.

Guess I"m going to have to go back to the Store.

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Thanks again for the help..

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Guess I"m going to have to go back to the Store.

I hope you have actually better luck via the Store than Support Communities.

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If you discover a solution, please write-up it below - thanks!

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Usually it is a great idea to make sure all the mechanism software program is approximately day on the computer by running Software Update yet if iTunes has actually been functioning up to this suggest and you have actually not made various other major software application alters you deserve to try experimentation as things are.

First, try ssuggest restarting your computer system. If that does not assist -->

Hold dvery own the option/alt key while founding iTunes and also create a brand-new, test library. If iTunes starts, your old library file is corrupt and also will have to be replaced from a backup or reconstructed from scratch:

ASC user turingtest2 help document: Empty/corrupt iTunes library after upgrade/crash -

If you don"t watch your content after updating iTunes -

If the alternative crucial technique does not occupational -->

iTunes: Troubleshooting concerns through third-party iTunes plug-ins - - host dvery own the Option/Alt and also Command also secrets (on Mac OS X)

How to test an worry in one more user account on your Mac - - "You can log in as another user to number out if unexpected habits is regarded a specific user"s settings or records."

Linc Davis Feb. 2016 - - rerelocate corrupt preferences files

You have the right to also try disabling or logging out and then back into various functions such as iCloud services and Genius to watch if the crash is resulting from their activity. E.g.,,

If you cannot narrowhead the issue to being user-certain file troubles you might have to reinstall iTunes:

- Apr. 2015 Niel post: Re-install iTunes application - - delete the old application initially, via instructions on how to perform that.

- April 2015 LincDavis write-up through a little more detail on the method Niel outlines -