Itunes reading photos from pictures

When I"m trying to sync my iPad 4 (iOS7) using my Macbook (Mavericks) it stucks on the phase "Importing photos". It was syncing for even more than 9 hrs with absolutely no progression until I cancelled it. There are approximately 500 pictures to import.

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The cord is great. USB port functions well. I have actually the the majority of current iTunes, iPhotograph. Alall set tried to reconstruct iPhoto library. Nothing helps.

Please advice.


Deleting ~/Pictures/iPod Photograph Cache and also emptying the trash did the trick for me.

Just to be clear,

Quit itunes. Go to your home folder in the FinderGo to the images folderRight computer mouse click "iPicture Library.photolibrary" and pick Sexactly how Package ContentsMove "iPod Picture Cache" to the trash.Empty the trash.Open itunes and run a sync


executive summary: examine to watch if it"s full

I"ve been having actually this problem a lot lately, through OSX 10.9 and also iTunes 11 on a 4th gen iPod Touch via iOS 6. I think there are a few contributors in my situation, that seem to incorporate to stall it, frequently at "importing photos" or "preparing items" in step 8 (will stall for hours till I kill it).

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One concern is that when I plug it in, iPhotograph opens up to copy photos off. I think the coordination in between iPicture 9.5 and also iTunes might be buggy. Sometimes there are no brand-new photos, and iPicture does not offer any type of specific route forward, so there"s no means for me to tell it I"m done through the (non-)sync. Meanwhile, iTunes seems to be waiting.

Anvarious other problem is that tbelow are a pair photos and a pair music tracks that it has actually trouble relocating over; these all work fine on one side or the other (ie Mac deserve to play the audio, iPod deserve to view the photo). I"ve wondered if a wipe and regain can cure this, but haven"t been willing to hazard this yet (worried it might fail to gain back the very same means it falls short to sync).

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These integrate to make sync"ing untrusted anyway, but I think my the majority of current troubles were triggered by a new issue: the iPod was entirely full, and iTunes didn"t understand this. I was tipped off when it declared insufficient area for a 21 MB app downloaded in iOS, and I checked the iOS settings/general/intake display screen to view "0 bytes" noted totally free. It had been filled up by me downloading and install podcasts to it that weren"t being deleted -- I readdressed this by manually deleting a bunch of them, and also after a range of sync attempts after that lastly acquired it to finish. Even after this, iTunes thinks tright here is 8 GB cost-free but the device states 4 GB, so there"s a disaffix tbelow. The method iTunes and also iOS 6 take care of podcasts appears clunky and also is likely a variable.