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iTunes version on MacbookPro, as soon as listening podcasts is skipping. It jumps after 2-3 minutes to the next one. Podcasts are streamed, not downloaded. I reauthorized my mac, ticked off "Skip once shuffling" on that particular podactors, but it keeps skipping.

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Is tbelow some workaround found by community? Obviously is not going to solve it. As I understand, that problem is around from 2014 or something like this...

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Hi tright here, minaindrek!Thanks for reaching out to the Support Communities! It sounds like you are having problems through iTunes randomly skipping Podcasts and also I’m happy to help out! I recommend founding by discovering this write-up with steps for How to test an worry in another user account on your Mac to create a new user and also test the worry in the new account to check out if the concern is user certain or device wide. Let me know the outcomes and have a great day!

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Hi jeremy_v,

I did as you said, yet the difficulty stayed. I created new account, subscribed to the very same podactors and experienced that the exact same problem was there likewise...

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Will try to install some older OSX to the external drive and check out if it is existing in, like, Yosemite... I"m currently running High Sierra.

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I listen to very few podcasts, however don’t respeak to experiencing what you explain. The ones I picked played full length.

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I ticked off "Skip as soon as shuffling" on that certain podactors, yet it keeps skipping.

That is an extremely various type of skipping. That checkbox is for not listening to it at all as soon as shuffling. E.g. an audio track that you prefer much less than the others. (Many kind of music albums have one such track …