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Ok this is frustrating. I am just trying to put a snapshot on my iPhone from my computer system.I review this thread: I review this:
To sync photos from a Mac or Windows PC to your gadget using photo applicationsMake sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed.In iTunes, choose your device"s symbol in the Devices list on the left.Click the Photos tab.

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Choose "Sync photos from." On a Mac, pick iPicture or Aperture from the pop-up food selection.On a Windows COMPUTER, select Photoshop Album or Photoshop Elements from the pop-up menu.Note: Some versions of Photoshop Album and Photoshop Elements do not assistance collections. You can still usage them to sync all your photos.

What Photos tab? Where is it?It seems I do not have actually a photos tab, putting music on my iPhone is not a difficulty, but I can not put photos on.Please aid, TIA.
You have actually music schosen. You need to choose the actual device. In other words, click on "stefan"s iPhone" and you should check out the tabs.

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