Itunes keeps asking for password mac

Althe majority of all iPhone or iPad individuals are acquainted with iTunes, which is a utility to purchase or download apps, and backup or gain back iOS devices. At the very same time, the iTunes also provides people headache due to miscellaneous problems, such as, iTunes keeps asking for password.

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"I have gotten in my Apple ID and also password a number of times and inspect package of Remember Password in iTunes, but it still persists asking for my password, what can I perform to deal with this problem?"

First of all, carry out not panic, it is not essential that your gadget is broken.

In this tutorial, we will explain why this difficulty appears and also how to fix iTunes keeps asking for password in 7 simple ways.


Note: In the following description, we are concentrating on solving iTunes Apple ID password, rather of iTunes backup password.

Part 1. Why iTunes keeps asking for password

Why iTunes keeps asking for password? Several components can lead to such trouble.

iTunes automatic updates. Apple releases updays for iTunes regularly. If you have turned on the automatic upday attribute in iTunes, it may foracquire your password and also keep asking. In the situation that iTunes failed downfill, this difficulty may happen too.

In a word, the reasons why iTunes keeps asking for password are a little bit complex. However, you are still able to resolve this difficulty in the adhering to 7 straightforward means.

Part 2. 7 Easy ways to deal with iTunes that keeps asking for password

There are numerous common means to fix iTunes keeps asking for password. You can attempt them one by one.

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Way 1. Rebegin iPhone or iPad

Refounding iPhone seems to be a universal solution to resolve almost Apple problems.

Step 1. Disconnect your iOS device via your computer system. Press both the "Sleep/Wake" and "Home" buttons on your iPhone or iPad. If you are utilizing iPhone 12/11/X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus, the hardware button combination is the "Side" and also "Volume Down" buttons.

Tip 2. Once your device shuts dvery own and also the Apple logo appears aobtain, release the butloads.

Step 3. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer system and launch iTunes aacquire to inspect if the problem is reresolved.


Way 2. Check iTunes update

On Mac:

Step 1. Launch the iTunes application on your Mac computer system, unfold the "iTunes" food selection on top ribbon and also click "Check for Updates".

Step 2. If there is an update accessible, press "Install" on the popup dialog to obtain it. When the Apple's Terms and also Conditions home window appears, read it plainly and click "Agree" to proceed.

Tip 3. After downloading and install and installing iTunes, restart your computer to finish update.

On Windows:

Tip 1. Open iTunes and also click the "Check for Updates" option in the "Help" food selection.

Tip 2. Click "Install" to obtain the latest upday for iTunes, if tbelow is one. Read and also "Agree" Apple's Terms and Conditions.

Tip 3. When it is done, reboot your Windows PC to let the update working.


Way 3. Check updays of apps consisting of purchased applications

If the techniques above are not feasible, you have the right to try to check the application updays and purchased.

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Maybe one or even more apps that faicaused update to the latest version or downpack. In that instance, your iTunes may store asking for password. You have the right to find the failed downlots on your house display screen, and finish application updays in Purchased and also Updates tabs of App Store.

If your purchased apps or music are gone during the addressing procedure, simply read this post to reclaim iTunes purchases.


Way 4. Recollection iPhone settings

Reestablishing iPhone or iPad settings is another method to fix the problem that iTunes keeps asking for password.

Tip 1. Run the Setups application, navigate "General" > "Reset" and also tap the "Rest All Settings" option.

Step 2. Touch "Recollection All Settings" again on the warning dialog to remove individual settings.

Step 3. Then reboot your iPhone and also connect it to iTunes aacquire to check if the trouble disappears.


Way 5. Check iCloud/iMessage/FaceTime

iTunes password is the same through iCloud, iPost and FaceTime. If the configuration of each organization is incorrect, iTunes keeps asking for password. The solution is straightforward.

Step 1. Go to "Settings" > "iCloud", tap "Delete Account" and then re-log in your username and password.

Step 2. Do the exact same operation in iMesssage and also FaceTime.

Tip 3. After re-log in, affix your iOS tool to your computer system and open iTunes. The trouble that the iTunes keeps asking for password need to disshow up.


Way 6. Change Apple ID

If the difficulty that iTunes keeps asking for password persists, you need to reset your Apple ID, which is the same through iTunes account.

Step 1. Access in your internet browser and also click the attach titled Forgain Apple ID or password.

Step 2. Follow the ondisplay screen instructions to adjust your Apple ID.

Step 3. After transforming your Apple ID, unlock your iPhone or iPad and reset your iCloud account.

Tip 4. Then hook up your iOS tool to the computer, open up iTunes and also recollection Apple ID to examine if the worry is refixed.


Way 7. Upday iOS

Another solution to remove iTunes keeps asking for password is to upday iOS for your iPhone or iPad.

Step 1. Launch the "Settings" application and head to "General" > "Software Update". If tbelow is an iOS update available, tap "Install Now" to begin downloading and install the update.

Tip 2. Wait for the process to finish, your iPhone will certainly reboot. Log in your password and affix your device to the computer.

Tip 3. Launch iTunes to view whether the difficulty is fixed.

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In this tutorial, we have shared the common methods to deal with iTunes keeps asking for password. People usage iTunes to purchase content, downpack apps, ago up iOS device and also perform troubleshooting. However, iTunes has actually bugs and also screens errors too. Following the guides in this article, this problem may be reresolved.

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