Itunes get album artwork greyed out

Lately, I haven"t been able to acquire album artwork-related from iTunes as soon as I import a CD. My choices (still) tell iTunes to instantly downfill album artoccupational, so that isn"t the worry. I"ve likewise tried to acquire artwork-related manually, but the "Artwork" tab on the Info dialog box is grayed out and also unclickable. I just updated to the latest variation of iTunes, and that didn"t adjust anything. Any ideas?

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Click on Advanced (at the top of the screen), and also click "Get Album Artwork". If the CD is in iTunes, you must obtain it. P.S. If you are importing Mothership, by Led Zeppelin, go to "info" and readjust the name of the artist to "Lead Zeppelin" prior to doing this. (You have the right to always readjust the name ago.)
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I have found that if I tunes does not have the album to market. They do not have actually the artwork. I bought the new Eagles album and converted it to AAC. But since does not offer the East of Eden album their is no Album indevelopment.
*I have actually found that if I tunes does not have the album to sell. They do not have the artwork* That"s correct, you deserve to just obtain artwork-related immediately if the album is for sale in the iTunes Store *I bought the new Eagles album and also converted it to AAC. But because does not market the East of Eden album their is no Album information* The brand-new album is for sale in the UK keep and I would certainly imagine it"s in the US save as well. However it"s not called East of Eden it"s dubbed The Long Road Out Of Eden so if your album was titled in a different way I imagine it wouldn"t instantly find the artwork
Hmm, well that was exciting. I schosen "Get Album Artwork" from Cutting edge, and it tried to acquire artwork for eincredibly album I"d ever imported. So currently that I"ve done that, just how carry out I gain the artjob-related for an album I"ve already imported onto the iPod? Incidentally, I pretty much assumed you could just gain art for stuff iTunes sells. Before posting, I confirmed that it was a trouble on my end by attempting to get art for a CD I"d gotten art for prior to -- it didn"t occupational. BTW, the problem appears to have actually mysteriously resolved itself going forward. I"ve been acquiring art again for the previous few days. But I didn"t change anything I was doing on my finish. Starray ...

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If you have artjob-related you don"t want, right-click the song and go to "gain info". Go to artjob-related and delete it, and also push ok. Then go to "obtain album artjob-related."