Itunes freezes when opening preferences

We have noticed from a pair of threads that many type of iTunes individuals are reporting that iTunes freezing on Windows 10. Tright here are many instances for iTunes freezing on Windows 10, once the user connects its iOS gadget, iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Or once the user sync media papers and also play music.

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This can be problematic for individuals that are constantly utilizing iTunes on their Windows 10 to play media documents. Though troubleshooting it have the right to bring about nothing and you’re stuck to iTunes freezing on Windows 10.

6 Ways to Fix iTunes Freezing on Windows 10

So if you’re experiencing this trouble with your iTunes, then check out listed below to discover possible solutions to resolve iTunes freezing on Windows 10:

1. Run iTunes on Windows 10 as an Administrator

Open the iTunes software program, as an administrator. You have the right to execute so by appropriate clicking the iTunes symbol, then from the food selection choose the alternative ‘Run as administrator.’ But if your iTunes is in a frozen state, close it down first or end task it from the task manager. Now, reboot the device and then run it as administrator.


2. Update iTunes to the Latest Version

If you haven’t updated your iTunes version, it might be the reason that it freezes. So, it is finest to always upday your software program to a more recent version. Hence, you need to update your iTunes, to perform so launch the iTunes. Then click the Aid food selection and also from tbelow select the choice Check for Updates.


A dialog box will certainly open up either it will certainly tell you that iTunes is updated to a more recent version or will certainly present you the update version you need to install. Click install, and also the downpack will certainly begin, after the newer version is downloaded and mounted, reboot your COMPUTER to complete installing.

3. Run iTunes in Safe Mode

Open iTunes in safe mode to examine whether the reason for it to freeze. It can be a third-party plugin. So to run iTunes in safe mode you need to host the Change + Ctrl essential and also then open up the iTunes. A message would pop up and also will check out as ‘iTunes is running in Safe Mode.’ If the iTunes occupational appropriately and does not freeze, then the problem must come from a third-party plugin that requirements to be rerelocated.

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4. Disable Auto-Synchronization

If the auto-sync is enabled for the iTunes, it will usage your device resources in the background, to inspect for any kind of changes and also then sync your iTunes throughout all your gadgets. Hence, auto-sync is recognized for bring about iTunes to freeze. To disable the auto-sync, click the Edit menu from the iTunes software.


Then, select the Precommendation alternative. A dialog box will open, pick the Devices tab. Then examine the ‘Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically’ box and also next click OK.

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4. Eliminate iTunes Plugins

After checking if the problem lies to third-party plugins by opening the iTunes in safe mode (see above).

Here is just how you deserve to easily delete any type of unwanted iTunes plugins. Click on the Data Explorer symbol (folder icon) on your Taskbar. Then click on the View tab situated on the Ribbon interface. Check the ‘Hidden items’ box. Now you will certainly open the complying with file path:

C:UsersYour_UserAppDataRoamingApple ComputeriTunesiTunes Plug-Ins

Now, either you could select all the folders or select the plugin that you desire to rerelocate. After that, click the Home tab and also pick Move To symbol, it will certainly ask you to select a destination. So, select a location and also relocate all the plugins.

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6. Delete Duplicates from iTunes

It is difficult, not to have actually any type of duplicate songs. As such iTunes has a prebuilt attribute to examine any type of songs that are a duplicate. In order to access this function, select the playlist you would certainly prefer to check for the duplicates. Then click on the Documents tab, and also pick Library then ‘Sexactly how duplicate’ option. iTunes will certainly then instantly, highlight all the duplicated songs. Now choose and also delete the duplicates.


Hope these solutions have assisted you resolving the iTunes freezing on Windows 10 issue. Let us know in the comments listed below which solve operated for you?