Itunes freezes when ipod is connected

Seeking the techniques to deal with iTunes freezes once iPhone is connected problem? This quick guide will present you just how to come out of this frustrating error through ease.

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Happiness Taylor Last Updated: Aug. 19, 2020

Several customers are dealing with trouble wherein iTunes gain freezes as soon as they attach their iPhone or iPod to a computer for restoring or updating their gadget using iTunes. And iTunes stops working to detect their linked iDevice. If you are likewise going via this very same problem, then you are on the best page. There have the right to be many kind of reasons behind this error. For circumstances, perhaps your iDevice variation is not compatible with iTunes or you may have actually enabled automatic sync in your iTunes library.

Thankfully, tbelow are plenty of methods that can probably fix the trouble “iTunes freezes as soon as iPod/iPhone is connected”. In this article, we have actually gathered effective methods to solve the iTunes freezes trouble quickly.

Let’s take a look at all fixes of the trouble you are facing currently. Try out the below-pointed out approaches and also probably you able to come out of the worry.

Method 1: Upday iTunes version

Make certain that you have actually mounted the latest version of iTunes on your mechanism. Sometimes, the outdated iTunes variation is not compatible via iDevices running on the latest iOS version. By sindicate updating your iTunes have the right to deal with the trouble you are encountering now. The brand-new version of the software program can most likely settle all the bugs present in the older version. That’s why it is always said that individuals have to update their iTunes prior to restoring or updating their iDevice using iTunes.

To examine and also upday your iTunes, follow the below steps:

Tip 1: To start the process, run the iTunes on your mechanism and don’t connect your iPhone/iPod to your mechanism.

Tip 2: Next off, click the “Help” tab if you are a Windows user or click on the “iTunes” tab if you are a Mac user.

Step 3: After that, choose “Check for Updates” and also install the next update if it is accessible. Once it is done, rebegin your system.


How to Fix iTunes Freezes When iPhone/iPod is Connected using Upday iTunes

Method 2: Change USB port and also USB cable

If the error persists after updating iTunes to the latest version, then attempt to adjust your device USB port and also USB cable. Maybe USB port or cable you are utilizing is damaged. In this situation, you have the right to sindicate adjust port and cable to see if tbelow is a difficulty in port or cable. If iTunes freezes the difficulty gets resolved by utilizing an additional USB port or cable, then it clearly mirrors you were making use of broken port or cable.

Method 3: Turn off Automatic Sync

As we told earlier, the difficulty deserve to be because of Automatic Sync. In this situation, the best thing you have the right to execute to deal with the difficulty is to disable the Automatic Sync.

Here are measures on just how to rotate off Automatic sync:

Tip 1: Launch the iTunes on your system and also yes, don’t connect your iDevice to computer.

Step 2: After that, click the “Edit” alternative in iTunes and then, choose “Preferences”.

Step 3: Next off, inspect the box “Prevent iPods, iPhones, and also iPads from syncing automatically” as displayed in the number.

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How to Fix iTunes Freezes When iPhone/iPod is Connected using Turn off Automatic Sync

Method 4: Rerelocate Any iTunes Plug-ins

Have you ever before set up iTunes plug-ins? If your answer is yes, then it could be the instance that iTunes plug-ins are the factor why you are facing the “iTunes freezes as soon as iPhone is connected” trouble. To settle the problem, all you deserve to carry out is to remove iTunes plug-ins.

On Windows system, go to C:UsersusernameApp DataRoamingApple ComputeriTunesiTunes Plug-ins. On Mac device, go to /Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins. After that, reduced and paste the plug-ins to another folder on your device. Once it is done, run iTunes and also attach your iDevice and check out currently if the trouble is gone or not.

Method 5: Run iTunes in Safe Mode

Anvarious other strategy to solve the iTunes freezes trouble is running your iTunes in safe mode. All you must do is press Ctrl + Change together and then, double-click on your iTunes. Afterward, attach your iDevice to your device and also view if still, iTunes freezes or not.


How to Fix iTunes Freezes When iPhone/iPod is Connected via Safe Mode

Method 6: Launch iTunes as an Administration on Windows 10

To do this, close dvery own your iTunes and if it is not responding, then cshed it down through job manager. After that, restart your system and then, right-click your iTunes symbol and pick “Run as administrator”.


How to Fix iTunes Freezes When iPhone/iPod is Connected through Run as Administration

Method 7: End APSDaemon.exe on Windows 10

Close your iTunes and also, then go to Task Manager. After that, move to the Processes tab, below find APSDaemon.exe to close it. Once it is done, run iTunes and also inspect if the concern “iTunes freezes once iPod is connected” is fixed or not. If you don’t check out APSDaemon.exe file, then you can rerelocate SC papers.

If it functions for you, then you can avoid this difficulty later on. To do this, relocate to Run and then, enter MSConfig. After that, click on the Startup tab, and unexamine “Apple Push”. Finally, push on Ok and rebegin your computer.


How to Fix iTunes Freezes When iPhone/iPod is Connected via End APSDaemon.exe

Method 8: Close Background Running Application

Tbelow are some applications on your system that use computer system RAMs in huge amounts. Thus, it is better to close dvery own the applications before running iTunes. In addition, if you are running also many applications on your device, it will certainly most likely slow-moving down your mechanism and also additionally make your iTunes freezes.

Method 9: The Best Way to Solve iTunes Freezes When iPhone Is Connected

If all these approaches pointed out above were unable to acquire this difficulty solved, you may attempt a skilled third-party tool to shoot this problem. Normally, iTunes getting frozen while connecting the iOS devices is not a significant issue. You have the right to deal with it in minutes through AnyFix. AnyFix is a expert troubleshooter if the iOS device gets some device difficulties or iTunes stuck on some troubles. Here will certainly list numerous procedures to display you just how to quickly remove the iTunes froze once tools connected problems.

Tip 1. Download AnyFix and also run it on your computer > connect your iOS gadget to the computer system > choose the iTunes Repair.

Free Download

Free Download

* 100% Clean & Safe

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe


Tap on iTunes Repair from Homepage

Tip 2. Click on Other iTunes Errors > Tap on the Fix Now to go on.


Select Other iTunes Errors

Tip 3. AnyFix will analyze the iTunes’ components to examine out the problem. Moments later on, click the yes and also OK switch to continue.


Give AnyFix Permission on your Computer

Step 4. The successfully repaired page on your display.

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Repairing Completed


That’s all on exactly how you have the right to come out of the issue “iTunes freezes as soon as iPhone/iPod is connected”. We hope that the above-discussed techniques help you and your problem gets reresolved. Also, share the overview through your friends as perhaps they are likewise going via this trouble. And you deserve to leave your comment if you have actually any type of other suggestions.