Itunes creates duplicate playlists

Hi men, for some factor whenever I plug my iPhone right into my computer to sync it, it creates duplicates of some of the playlists on both my phone and also on iTunes. If I delete the duplicates they constantly end up coming back.

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Here's an instance on my COMPUTER, here's an example from my phone (House is the normal playlist, House 1 is the duplicate). I'm on Windows. Any suggestions for exactly how to deal with this?



I'm obtaining this too. It appears to occur once you edit an existing playlist on your phone and then sync through iTunes. I would certainly like to uncover out exactly how to turn this attribute off or just have the old playlist automatically reinserted through the edited playlist from my phone.

I still acquire this problem without editing any kind of details on my phone. It only happens to one of my playlists too. Pretty annoying because I delete it eexceptionally time and then occasionally once I sync it shows up are playlist (1)

I have actually precisely the same difficulty. I initially and commonly sync using wifi, yet it seems the problem starts when I sync with cable. I can't resolve it and hate this bug, I have to erase manually everytime it happens.

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Sorry to discuss a semi-old thread however I also have actually this worry on my iPhone 6 via iOS 8.4 Does anyone recognize if the worry goes ameans through iOS 9?

I am a fitness instructor so I have actually many play lists. I have had this problem for years once I modify a playlist on my iphone. In the past, iTunes would certainly create a 2nd playlist named Playlist(1). The original Playlist would reprimary specifically as it was without edits but Playlist(1) would contain the edits. Because of this I never before modify playlists on my phone.

I have actually not had this trouble when I edit the play list in itunes till recently. It is not happening through all my playlists. A while ago I produced a playlist through virtually all lengthy play fitness tracks (consistent play hour long or longer). I then deleted tracks I didn't think would job-related, were annoying, were as well many kind of BPMs. Whenever before I sync my phone by connecting to the computer system, itunes creates a new version of that playlist. I am currently up to Fitness LP 3. But if I look at the playlists in Itunes, they all say they contain 45 tracks, 2 days' of music. So they are real duplicates as opposed to the two lists that iTunes supplied to produce when I edited it on my phone.

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This began before the upgrade to iOs 9. I have had many odd points happening considering that the upgrade, yet, consisting of idiosyncratic texting, slow mail searches, and so on.