Itunes could not sync contacts to the iphone because the sync server failed to sync the iphone

itunes could not sync contacts / calendar to the iphone "---" because the sync server faicaused sync the iphone

i have actually check out simply around eincredibly support enattempt to this so PLEASE don"t respond unless you"ve review the scenario.

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itunes 11.4

iphone 4 (last of the os7.1.2) (os8 won"t work-related on the 4)

outlook 2010 (as much as date)

so till either thursday or friday, syncing by means of itunes has been excellent. then i start getting the error dialogue box. this is what i"ve done / tried:

adjusted the USB cable

recollection sync history - (done all the various actions of reset / delete / rebegin / unplug and so on.)

deleted backup

repaired all associated programs in the manage panel>programs and features

saved outlook contacts and calendar as a brand-new .pst

produced a new user

unchecked advancement alternative in INFO in itunes (that totality scenario did nothing)

signed up with icloud and it operated BUT i LOATHE icloud (and all the hassles it presents) and also the bottom line sync via itunes "should" work-related.

i have actually checked all errors within contacts (none i only have actually 170)

unset up / reinstevery one of itunes

i have NOT done a reclaim of iphone. (last resort) and also hoping that there would be a solution prior to going there.

so there you have actually it. any type of suggestions would be really appreciated.

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iPhone 4, Windows 8, outlook 2010

Posted on Sep 22, 2014 3:14 AM

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FINALLY - this resolved it.

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be certain to rebegin WITHOUT the iphone attached to be able to rename (which re-creates a new SyncServices folder) the SyncServices folder...

Rename the SyncServices folder.

Disattach any type of iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Rebegin the computer. To rename the SyncServices folder:

Windows Vista and also Windows 7 or Windows 8 : SyncServices is stored in a covert folder called AppDocuments. The area is Users(username) Computer

Note: To quickly access the AppDocuments folder, click Start, and also then in the search bar kind %appdata% and also press the Rerotate vital.

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then affix iphone, open itunes / go to INFO and tick the boxes for contacts and calendars and then in ADVANCE click replace contacts and also calendar.