Itunes could not connect because of invalid response

Some iPhone users notice that occasionally iTunes cannot connect to iPhone 6/7/8/X due to the invalid response. No matter exactly how many kind of times you attempt to plug in or plug out the USB cable, the results are the very same. Actually, I myself also encountered this kind of difficulty and found out some advantageous remedies to deal with the problem that iTunes could not attach bereason of invalid response from iPhone 6/7/8/X.

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Part 1Solutions to Fix iTunes Could Not Connect Due to the fact that an Invalid Response

When you view the message: "iTunes might not connect to because an invalid response was received from the device", it really indicates that USB link between iTunes and your iPhone/iPad has actually been damaged, which have the right to be resulted in by a faulty cord or a device error. To resolve iTunes invalid response error, right here are 4 services.

1.1 Try Another Cable or Ports

Sometimes, if the USB cable that connects your iPhone to iTunes is incompatible or broken, iTunes cannot connect to your iPhone. So the first solution presented would be transforming a brand-new or one more cable or port and view whether it functions or not. Also at the very same time, close the iTunes and open up it again.

1.2 Reboot/Reset iPhone

Maybe tbelow is something wrong with your phone that you don't notification, in terms of this, you have the right to reboot or reset your iPhone. At the very same time, you additionally can rebegin the computer to settle glitches on iTunes.

P.S. When you attach your iPhone to iTunes aobtain, please make sure it is unlocked.

1.3 Update or Reinstall iTunes

To upday iTunes, if your computer is Mac mechanism, then select "Menu", open iTunes and then tap "Check for Updates";

If you have actually a Windows COMPUTER, go to "Help" on iTunes, and also then click "Check for Updates".

1.4 Delete Lockdvery own Folder

Tbelow are 2 methods available around how to delete Apple lockdvery own folder, both on Windows or Mac.

On Windows:

STEP 1 On Windows 10/8/7/XP, lick Start and

STEP 2 Type "%ProgramData%" and also push Rerotate button;

STEP 3 Double click Apple folder and open up it;

STEP 4 Delete the Lockdown folder (P.S. Before this, you need to authorize in as the administrator).

On Mac:

STEP 1 Tap Go >> Go to Folder from the Finder;

STEP 2 Type "/var/db/lockdown" and then press the rerevolve button;

STEP 3Tap "View as Icons" to present the files;

STEP 4Choose all the records and delete them. Tbelow is one point need to be noticed that it is not compelled to delete the lockdvery own folder but only the papers inside it. As such, you must remember to leave the lockdown folder.

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2. Back-up iPhone to COMPUTER Without iTunes

There are a number of civilization virtual would ask such a question "How can I backup my iPhone 8 to COMPUTER but without iTunes?" Here I suggest one tool: iOS Documents Backup & Rekeep.


It is a energy that permits you to do a whole backup for your iPhone or iPad data, for circumstances, contacts, iMessperiods, photos, videos, music and so on only by ONE CLICK. The backup records are saved on PC in little size.

Meanwhile, prior to restoring, all the backup files can be previewed; you likewise can pick to reclaim component of or all of the information from backup to iPhone.


Read just how to backup iPhone to COMPUTER without iTunes to learn the certain procedures to ago up iPhone to PC

3. Transfer Documents from iPhone to COMPUTER Without iTunes

When you tried all that services provided above, your iPhone still cannot link to iTunes, then you must attempt this one: Transfer Data from iPhone to PC without iTunes by iOS Transfer. iOS Transfer enables you to deliver music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS and also so on from iOS tool to computer without iTunes. Besides, the regimen additionally supports moving data from computer to iPhone, from iPhone/iPad to iPhone/iPad.

With only 3 procedures then have the right to attain moving information from iPhone to PC without iTunes.

STEP 1 Download and install iOS Transfer;


STEP 2 Connect iPhone to COMPUTER through USB cable, pick photos, audios, contacts or other data you would like deliver and click Export to PC;

STEP 3 Get iPhone papers on computer system.

A passage is provided for reference: How to carry documents from iPhone to PC.

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With 4 standard options I think at leastern one of them can resolve your difficulty that iTunes cannot affix to iPhone 6/7/8/X bereason of invalid response. If you still cannot affix to iTunes or find iTunes as well complex to usage, you have the right to use third-party programs on the short article to backup or carry iPhone data to COMPUTER. Share this post if it helps you out.