Itunes audible authorization problem

My iTunes/Publication id is a various from my id. ( vs I changed my account authorize ins for the brand-new TV and Publication apps and also those items I bought carry out display up in the apps currently however as soon as I plug in my iPhone X and also sync I gain the message that the audiopublications are not sync'd because the computer system ( is not authorized. Have to use the Audible application and download each audiobook to the phone thru that app. The Book app for IOS is no much longer advantageous for me. Any ideas on how to solve the syncing problem?

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Same below. Infuriating. All my Audible Audiopublications were wiped from my tool and I can't get them earlier on tbelow.

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For the document, I have one ID for iCloud information and also syncing, and a SEPARATE ID for iTunes purchases.

Weirdly I never wanted two IDs, however the method they tackled MobileMe ago in the day compelled me to have actually two and they refuse to merge them for me.

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Have you checked the food selection items at the top of the Mac application for an Authorizations food selection item. Look under Accounts.

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There is no "Accounts", yet if you look under "Store" it's tbelow.

When selecting "Authoclimb this computer" it simply states it is authorised. It doesn't say for what account its authorised. It doesn't administer any kind of various other alternatives.

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Further down under "Store" is View My Account (account id shown).

It does show my iTunes id.

I have actually tried deauthorizing both my computer system and Audible account then reauthorizing them. Audiobooks still won't sync to my iPhone.

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I also had/have actually this trouble. I gained the error message that the computer system was not authorised, though of course it was. I initially deauthorized the audible account on the store menu. Then i clicked on an audiobook and asked me if I wanted to authorize. It opens web browser home windows on and also after a few clicks, it worked and also my publications synced. Today, once my iphone synced I obtained the "not authorized" message aget and also the audiopublications were removed. Just went the entirety procedure aobtain through the exact same outcome. Now publications are syncing.

I deauthorized/reauthorized my computer then my Audible account 2 days back. Still acquiring the Computer not authorized message when trying to sync my audiobooks to my iPhone.

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Found where the Books library is on my iMac. It is 260GB on my 1TB iMac. I have actually not been able to uncover anymeans to 'move' the library to my Drobo. That is wbelow my music and movies/tv papers are (presently 2.39TB provided out of 5.44TB available) I relocated that library years earlier and also iTunes never had actually a trouble syncing them to my iPhone & iPad. Searched various other forums and also other human being are having actually problems syncing their audiobooks. Lots of them additionally have the Books library taking up huge space because of big number of audiobook papers.

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