Itunes a duplicate filename was specified

Needmuch less to say, no clue as to what file name it is referring to. Additionally, tright here are 5 songs which I have the right to not play, bought from the iTiunes save. Contacted the iTunes save - they "enabled" the downfill for those 5 songs. When I connect to the iTunes save, login and also examine for downtons and so on. I obtain the error message:

Unable to inspect for accessible downtons. Duplicate file name was specified.

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The means to resolve this is

1. Go to Computer


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Click Operating System Hard-Drive (C:)

3. Scroll to Program Files (or) Program Files (x86)

4. Scroll to iTunes, open it

5. Find iTunes.exe

6. Right Click and also go to Properties

7. Click Compatibility you will certainly view somepoint that stats

Privilege level

Run this program as an administrator.

8. Click this and also Click Apply and also then Ok NOW Open iTunes

This functioned on mine let me know if it doesnt!