Itunes 12.8 problems

Here"s a difficulty via iTunes which I do not seem to have the ability to resolve: It does not check out my iPhone (iPhone 8, iOS 12) as soon as I affix it to my MacPublication.

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The iPhone is typically visible among connected devices once I go to System Information > Hardware > USB. Also, the Image Record deserve to see the iPhone without any kind of problems, sees all photos stored on it and also can retrieve them. It"s simply iTunes that ignores the iPhone totally.

Is tbelow a possibility to actually reinstall the iTunes in some non-drastic way? At this point, it appears that the application is the troublemaker here.

Thank you for your assist.

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iPhone 8, iOS 12

Posted on Sep 20, 2018 9:00 AM

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Answer: A:
Answer: A:

Download the present 12.8 installer for iTunes from

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Unlock your iOS gadget and attach it to USB.

Install iTunes from the .dmg that you"ve downloaded.

At the finish of the installation it need to announce that a additionally software program update is required.

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Install that and iTunes have to see your gadgets.

Or wait for to release iTunes 12.9 for Mac.