"Earth"s crammed via heaven,And eexceptionally prevalent bush afire via God;But only he that sees takes off his shoes;The remainder sit round it and also pluck blackberries." Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

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I obtained myfourth round of chemo-therapy this day. Aside from all the stselection sensations in various components of my body,I feel OK at the minute.
Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the Scriptures, made up of 176 verses. The psalm is an acrostic psalm, which indicates that in the original Hebrew the psalm is comprised of 22 stanzas through 8 lines in each stanza. Each of the lines in a stanza starts via among the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The stanzas are arranged alphabetically, Ayin to Tav (In the English language that would be A-Z). The theme of the psalm is the wonder and beauty and truthfulness and faithfulness of God’s word, his legislation. It is maybe most famous for three verses in the opening 2 stanzas. Verse 9 reads: “How deserve to a young man store his means pure? By guarding it according to your word.” Verse 11 reads: “I have actually stored up (treasured) your word in my heart, that I could not sin versus you.” Verse 18 reads: “Open my eyes, that I might behost wondrous points out of your regulation.”
The second summer after I became a Christian I read and re-check out this psalm scores of times. The passion of the psalmist for God’s word and also his confidence in it recorded my heart and my imagination. Throughout that summer I noted that the psalm included a variety of statements concerning the affliction that the psalmist was experiencing. At the time, as a young 21 year old, they made bit impression on me. Over the years as I have actually review the psalm I have provided and, specifically since Jared’s accident, phelp even more attention to these prayers of the psalmist. Here is a list of ways in which the psalmist relates his affliction to God and his word:
Psalm 119:71,”It is good for me that I was afflicted, that I might learn your statutes.”
Psalm 119:75, “I know, O LORD, that your rules are righteous, and that in faithfulness you have actually afflicted me.”
Psalm 119:92, “If your legislation had not been my delight, I would certainly have actually periburned in my affliction.”
First, alert in v. 75 that the very same God exactly how has provided to us a righteous word, that is, a word which arises from and synchronizes to God’s great and also perfect and also absolutely righteous character has actually additionally, out of that same flawless, faithful character afflicted the psalmist. The afflictions that God’s human being experience come from their faithful God. This is not the first time we have actually noted that this is what the Scriptures claims.
Second, alert vv. 71 and also 67. In 71, being afflicted is an excellent point. That sounds specifically favor what Paul says in 2 Corinthians 12 as soon as he boasts all the even more gladly in his weaknesses (afflictions). He would certainly agree through the Psalmist it is great for me that I was afflicted. For the psalmist, why was it good? The affliction brought about him to “learn God’s word” in methods he might not have ever learned the truthfulness of that word without the affliction. But it is great not just because he learns God’s word much better but likewise, by implies of the affliction, he obeys God’s word much better (v.67). He is sharing in the holiness of God in a better way bereason of the trouble. I can testify in my very own life that Jared’s accident and also the 10 years of caring for him considering that it and also currently the cancer has brought about me to go after knowing and also trusting/obeying his word. It matters even more to me because, I think in part, I realize that this is no game. Life is major service because heaven and hell hang in the balance, bereason the glory of God and also the welfare of God’s church hang in the balance.
Third, alert vv. 50 and 92. What is the resource of all the comfort in the middle of taking chemo-treatment and also dealing with the truth I can die means sooner than I planned from cancer all the while living through my brain injured son? God’s promise in Christ provides to me life, not just eternal life however hope to live out this life as faithfully as I deserve to. Then, anyone who knows me has heard me say something very cshed to v. 92. I have no question that if it were not for the reality that in the at an early stage 1990’s, as a result of God’s opening my eyes to the fact that everything is about him and the goal of life is to understand and be recognized by this good God, I started a continuous program of bible memorization and also bible analysis and analysis good books about Christian doctrine, I would not still be a pastor and also probably not a Christian. From the huguy allude of see, if God’s word had actually not been my delight for the previous decade, I can not have stood in the face of Jared’s accident and now my cancer.
Finally, notification how the psalmist prays in vv.107 & 153. He is honest with God about his condition. “I am sevedepend afflicted.” This sucks. It damages. It is not pleasant. And then the repursuit, “Give me life.” That is both a prayer for healing and also a prayer for last salvation. This is apparent as soon as we check out the qualifying clausage, “according to your word.” The life I want is the life you have promised in your word which is inevitably eternal life. The clause additionally is a statement of God, I want your will to be done in my case precisely as you have promised in your word. Aacquire we have to hear the prayer of Jesus in the Garden and the prayer of Paul for deliverance from the thorn. Finally, in v. 153 he pleads for deliverance because he has not forobtained God’s word. This is not an assertion of merit or that somehow because he has loved God’s word God is somehow obligated to repay him via deliverance. He is simply asserting that he is asking in accord through what God promises and also trusting God to carry out what God has actually said in this word which he has actually surprise in his heart. So our prayers for the afflicted are most reliable when they are directed by and also in accord through all that God has sassist in his word.
My word to you is to start this day to make it your aim to “treacertain this word in your heart,” by at the minimum, everyday analysis of it and attfinishing a church wright here the Holy bible is being taught in its detail, not ssuggest as a book of excellent quotes or as a book of inspirational thoughts.
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Aguys. Death will come but I recognize not once. It may be tonight or it might be many kind of years from currently. What I perform recognize in my heart and my mind is that all that matters is discovering and also being known by Christ. I additionally recognize that I am weak and unable to love Christ acomponent from His gracious work in my life. May God have actually mercy on me a sinner and bring me right into His existence on my last day.

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This was great food! For me this morning, a breakfast of champions.

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I agree through LaKisha! This was Rhema!! I was looking up this scripture & came across your blog. Be encouraged & save spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You are a blessing to the Kingdom!!!Btw this blog was created 2 years earlier on my birthday! My Abba Father knows precisely what I require & when I require it :-)