Is both correct? It was a pleacertain meeting you and also to fulfill you? Or: It was a pleasure to stop to you/ speaking to you?

Wanting various words to intend different points, I would certainly usage "pleasure to satisfy you" for a handshake and also "pleacertain meeting you" for a very first conversation. The gerund alternative ideas ever-so-gently at the progressive whose form it shares. In the exact same vein, "It was a pleasure to sheight to you," yet "It was a pleacertain speaking via you." (But this may simply be my ear talking.)
"meeting you/to satisfy you" deserve to be provided interchangeably, yet in polite intake, you would certainly desire to prevent "speaking to you" in favor of "speaking with you". "Speaking to you" indicates a power imbalance, that the conversation was one-sided.

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They are basically the very same.

It was a pleasure to speak to you. stop = infinitive

It was a pleasure speaking to you? speaking = gerund

However, they have the right to be used interchangeably, I believe..


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