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Who Wrote “I’d quite be hated for who I am than loved for that I am not”?A lot of civilization say Kurt Cobain or André Gide or even Marilyn Monroe, and also some also say it was me.



This was written before the Internet was easily accessible to the masses but referrals to these lines did exist digital later, particularly as soon as in 2005 I created a web page on my webwebsite with the lines on that deserve to be checked here:


Given these lines did not end up being famous prior to the last decade was it possible that these were my lines? Even I wasn’t sure, so that created it initially, me or someone else, or was it simply an instance of Zeitgeist in action? Of course, it is feasible that even though similar versions had actually been composed by others, my precise expression gained supplied and attributed to Kurt Cobain by someone that stumbled on my lines, yet then again, probably not. (Although so much I have actually not been able to find any real proof of Kurt Cobain creating or saying this expression so if you recognize wbelow it deserve to be uncovered please say so in the comments and also I will modify this short article as necessary.)

It’s many likely that the lines “It is much better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.” were publimelted by André Gide in Autumn Leaves in the 1950’s and were later either actually created by or paraphrased by Kurt Cobain if he really did say / create them. Given proof of André Gide composing this proves he wrote this decades beforehand also, it’s most likely true then neither Kurt, Marilyn or I have the right to take any crmodify for being the first to compose them, however then aget probably André “borrowed” the lines also. The allude I’m making is that what we often presume is a reality is just reputed so bereason as the cliche goes, “If you repeat a lie often sufficient, it becomes the truth”, and as Abraham Lincoln sassist “Don’t believe whatever you check out on the Internet”


The thing is, many type of of us are doing it, and not only are we doing it, but we are choosing to perform it. Yesterday I observed 2 articles from friends which I knew were inprecise and also aimed at causing either anti muslim or anti-white feelings. I didn’t want to suggest out the problem bereason the day beforehand also I had posted a Snopes false story page under someone’s short article and also they had reacted extremely aggressively. It’s as if we have actually entered a period once reality is the initially casualty of peace.

Even Shakespeare more than likely didn’t compose Shakespeare, if you desire to check out what I expect click all over on this paragraph. The authors of “Shakespeare Unravelled” think many various people created a lot of of the plays. So if that’s true, and also if it isn’t, false attribution has most likely been going on from the beginning of time… I expect who created time in the initially place? Tright here seems to be the majority of different attributions when it comes to that topic.

So if we deserve to primarily never really be sure that should be credited for what, then does that idea of us “leaving our mark” acquire undermined somewhat? I suppose even if civilization do attribute something we did to our name, is the name that echoes out in to the future after we have actually died, is it really us, or simply as much a stranger to who we really are than if it had been another name? If tbelow is any kind of fact in that then I kind of get the feeling that the marks we really make are via those we brush up against in our stays as well as all the visible and invisible ripples that come from us, whose aftermath we will most likely never fully recognize. That every one of us have actually significance no matter how inconsiderable we may feel in the grand also scheme of things is actually the actual truth of the issue.

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Simon Mark Smith May 2017

My original lyrics are listed below along with a connect to the final song.


This Is Me

Now I don’t know if how I feelWas born of dreams or to die for realI’ve obtained this feeling deep insideI’m longing for you to hold me tight

0h organize me tight

Like a poet in the gardenSleeping by a poolOf tears he stoleWith a joke so cruel

0h tell me lies

Now I don’t recognize if I’m solid or weakTo let my heart so openly speak

But this is me

Oh tell me lies

But this is me

But this is ME!

I’d favor to tell you the truthThat my heart beats tough for youI’d choose to tell you the truthThat my heart beats fast for you

Now can’t you see that all I have to doIs open up my mouthAnd say the wrong point to youNow can’t you check out that all I need to do

Is open my heartAnd say the wrong point to youAnd I will never check out you againI will never before watch you aobtain.

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Oh contact it a day

This is me this is meI am more than you seeDon’t Tell Me Lies0h tell me lies

You may say that it’s a difficulty I’ve gotBut I’d rather be hated for who I amThan lovedFor who I am not

Lead vocals: S. Smith.Backing vocals: L E Wilboy.Keyboards drums and percussion: S. Smith.Bass guitar: Floyd Jackkid.Acoustic guitar on intro: Ian Owles.All various other guitars: Dave Lawboy.Piano programming: Phlippe Wittwer; S. Smith.Mixed by N Fuller; S Smith; V. Parrett.