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The movie Rear Window, which Alfred Hitchcock made in 1954 (Krinsky), was based upon the brief story It Had to be Murder, which was written by Cornell Woolwealthy in 1942 (“Rear Window”). Although there are differences between the movie and also the brief story, the story is basically about a guy that is temporarily confined in a wheelchair because of his legs being in a cast. Therefore, he has nothing to perform all day other than look out his bedroom home window and also observe the goings-on in his neighbors’ stays with their windows. As the story goes on, Jeffries, the major character, begins to suspect that among his neighbors has been murdered. This is wbelow the majority of of the story revolves in.

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Comparison and also Contrast

The similarities between the movie Rear Window and the brief story It Had to be Murder (Woolrich) have the right to be oboffered more from the basic aspects of the stories. However, more differences will certainly be listed once the details are considered.


In both the movie and the brief story, the setting is in a neighborhood street with residential frameworks. In the short story, the community street is lined with homes wbelow Jeffries is bound to observe his neighbors via their houses’ windows. Tbelow is likewise one apartment structure that’s located at one finish of the street. In the movie, however, Jeffries’ neighbors resided in an apartment structure as he himself did. As such, he usually watched his next-door neighbors who lived in the apartment building across the street.

Jeffries’ next-door neighbors in the short story were different from his next-door neighbors in the movie. In the brief story, the neighbors whom Jeffries frequently observed consisted of the teen couple, the widowed mommy, and the guy (Lars Thorwald) with the sick wife. In the movie, the next-door neighbors he observed included the ballerina, the pianist, Miss Lonely Heart, and the couple that slept on the veranda. In addition, in the brief story, Thorwald was the only neighbor from the level whom Jeffries observed. In the movie, every one of the neighbors whom Jeffries oboffered resided in the apartment building across the street. In enhancement, among the next-door neighbors in the movie had actually a cat whereas no pet was discussed in the short story.The just comparable neighbors in both the brief story and the movie were Lars Thorwald and also his sick wife. However, in the movie, Lars Thorwald was suggested as a sales male and also was portrayed as someone who walso to carry out. On the other hand also, the Lars Thorwald in the short story was out of job-related and also was portrayed as someone that might be struggling financially. Similarly, Mrs. Thorwald was illustrated as someone meek and frail in the brief story. In the movie, yet, she was portrayed as a nagger despite her disease.

Main Characters

The only similarities between the heroes in the short story and the movie were that they were both temporarily confined in a wheelchair and also that their legs were in a actors. Both of them were likewise confined in their rooms, although the Jeffries in the short story lived in a house, which was portrayed as his long-term residence whereas the Jeffries in the movie resided in an apartment structure, which was portrayed as his short-term residence while he was respanning from his injury. The Jeffries in the movie was suggested to be functioning as a photographer, which required him to take a trip a lot whereas no occupation was suggested for the Jeffries in the brief story.

Anvarious other distinction in between the two Jeffries is that the Jeffries in the short story had actually a name of Hal Jeffries while the Jeffries in the movie had actually a name of L. B. Jeffries. Both Jeffries had human being to assist them with their requirements. Hal Jeffries had actually a male residence keeper whose name was Sam and also who had actually been serving him for ten years at the time that the story was told. L.B. Jeffries, on the other hand, had actually a female nurse called Stella who helped him while he reextended from his injury. Stella was not under L. B. Jeffries’ permanent employment, however, as Jeffries needed her only until he respanned. Additionally, Hal Jeffries was rather authoritarian in his therapy of Sam whereas L. B. Jeffries was friendly in the direction of Stella. Sam had no best to question Hal Jeffries’ orders whereas Stella openly criticized and scolded L. B. Jeffries on points wright here they had actually differences in opinions.In both the short story and the movie, Jeffries had a frifinish Boyne who was a detective and also who assisted Jeffries with the situation. However, unfavor Hal Jeffries, L. B. Jeffries had a girlfrifinish who likewise later came to be his accomplice in fixing the crime.

Story Line

Both the brief story and the movie radvanced approximately Jeffries’ suspicion about Lars Thorwald killing his wife and just how he would certainly have the ability to prove such so that he can gain Thorwald arrested.

Similar to Hal Jeffries, L.B. Jeffries began to end up being suspicious of Thorwald as soon as he no much longer experienced Mrs. Thorwald with their windows. In the short story, Hal Jeffries often experienced Mrs. Thorwald walking around the home in her frail form and greeting her husband also whenever before he came house. In the movie, L. B. Jeffries would certainly regularly observe Lars Thorwald taking care of his wife and bringing her food. Mrs. Thorwald, on the other hand also, would always be watched fighting via him. Moreover, simply favor in the short story, L. B. Jeffries’ suspicion prospered also more powerful because of the shades always being down in the Thorwald house as soon as they provided to always be up during the day. Both Jeffries likewise observed that the lights were constantly turned off in their home and that Lars no longer slept in his and his wife’s bedroom after she disshowed up.

When Jeffries finally asked Boyne to investigate, the alibi that Mrs. Jeffries went ameans on vacation was the same in both the brief story and also the movie. The information was also acquired from the various other tenants in both instances. Furthermore, in both stories, a short article card was planted in Thorwald’s mailbox to indicate that Mrs. Thorwald was indeed at a farmhome somewhere.

In the short story, Boyne sent some men to look for ideas or evidence in the Thorwald apartment while in the movie, it was Lisa, L. B. Jeffries’ girlfriend, that searched the apartment and acquired the proof. In both the short story and in the movie, a note of warning was inserted through Thorwald’s door, although Sam was the one who did this in the brief story while Lisa did it in the movie.

In both the brief story and the movie, Jeffries witnessed Lars Thorwald packing his wife’s belongings and also having actually them shipped to her location. In both the brief story and also the movie, cops were sassist to have actually showed that the package was received by Mrs. Thorwald. However, in the movie, Jeffries saw Thorwald making long-distance calls and also inspecting his wife’s jewelry, which he maintained among his garments. There were no such scenes in the brief story.

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Finally, Thorwald lived at the finish of the movie however passed away in the brief story. In addition, Mrs. Thorwald in the short story was suspected of having actually died from food poisoning and also was later hidden under the cemented floor of the apartment being developed 2 floors above the Thorwald’s apartment. In the movie, but, it was speculated that Mrs. Thorwald was chopped to pieces and was either boxed and also shipped off or hidden somewright here.


Both It Had to be Murder and Rear Window rdeveloped around the same story line. They additionally mutual a lot of basic similarities. However before, they have actually even more differences as soon as it concerns the details of the story in terms of the establishing, the personalities, and also the story line. It have the right to be shelp that transforms in the movie were made to make it even more cinematically interesting than the brief story.

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