Karana wakes up as soon as the waves start dragging at her feet. It is night but she is too worn down to go to the rock, so she crawls higher on the beach to avoid the tide and sleeps aacquire. In the morning she unlots her provisions and transforms the canoe over so the tide cannot take it before she walks to her headland residence. It feels as if she has been gone a lengthy time, and also every little thing she sees approximately her fills her through happiness. It is a surpincreasing feeling, because simply days back she had actually stood on this rock and felt as if she might not stand also to live right here one more day.

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As she looks at the vast expanse of blue ocean, every one of the fear she felt while on her voyage comes sweeping over her. Yesterday as soon as she experienced the island, she had actually been hopeful of trying to make the journey again; this particular day she knows she will certainly never before go aobtain. The Island of the Blue Dolphins is her home; she will certainly have actually no various other until the white man’s ship concerns obtain her. Even if it comes shortly, Karana realizes she should build a home for sanctuary and also for storing food.

That night she sleeps on the rock, but the following day she begins the search for the site of her new residence. Storms are certain to come, so she need to not waste any type of time. Tright here are 2 areas on the island which satisfy her requirements: sheltered from the wind, cshed to Cdental Cove, and close to a great spring. The headland, wright here she is currently, is just one of those places; the various other she has not been to for some time, so she goes to explore it. This location is closer to the dogs’ lair than she remembered; as shortly as Karana gets close to the cave, the leader comes out and also watches her. If she were to construct here, she would certainly need to kill him and his pack. Though she intends to carry out that anyway, it will take more time than she has; however, the spring right here is much better and also simpler to access and also tbelow is much better sanctuary for any type of home she builds.

The sea elephants aid her decide wright here to construct her home. Below her is a rock shelf on which they have the right to shelter from storms or bathe in the sunlight. The creatures are big and the females scream and also bark practically all day and also sometimes at night; even the babies are noisy. This morning the tide is low and also around a hundred of them are far out in the waves, and also still their noise is deafening. Karana stays tbelow through that day and night, trying out the area; when the noise begins again at dawn, she goes ago to the headland.

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Rain comes for 2 days and she sleeps without a fire in a sanctuary made of brush at the base of the rock. On the 3rd day, the rain stops and she begins to gather materials she demands to construct a house and also poles via which to construct a fence. Though she inoften tends to kill all the dogs, there are small foxes on the island—too many kind of to remove by any type of implies she has. Foxes are “clever before thieves,” so she must construct a fence to protect her stores. Everything feels and also smells fresh, and Karana sings to herself as she starts her search, reasoning it is an auspicious day to begin her new residence.