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Spoiler advises ahead. Although let’s keep it real below, does anyone care anymore about this seaboy of Big Brother?

Big Brother All-Stars, currently airing on CBS, could’ve been something spectacular as diehard fans of the present were treated to a seachild filled with previous fan-favorites consisting of Janelle Pierzina, Kaysar Ridha, Da’Vonne Rogers and many type of more.

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Instead, the viewers who have stuck by have actually had actually to endure the same alliance (The Committee) winning eincredibly damn competition and sending house anyone that isn’t in it each week.

Fans of the display have actually repetitively sassist exactly how much BBAS sucks and fairly honestly we couldn’t agree even more. Oh, and let’s not foracquire about that occurrence wright here Memphis Garrett and also others openly mocked Ian Terry that is autistic. Classy.

Openly gay houseguest Kevin Campbell, that inserted 3rd on seaboy 11 many type of years ago, is even more than most likely being sent residence on Thursday as he finds himself on the chopping block yet aobtain.

Kevin earlier this summer reflected on the pressures of being gay wright here he told some of the various other houseguests that he really hopes he’s doing “the LGBTQ neighborhood proud.”

They then doubted him on exactly how he can fail them. “We’re such a varied group,” he said. “I understand I don’t recurrent all of it. It’s a huge obligation. Sometimes there’s criticism, also.”

 “I really am a firm believer before of representation matters,” he later explained in the Diary Room. “I ended up being obsessed with Big Brother bereason of the depiction this present has readily available. Now, I have the privilege of representing the LGBT area currently, and also I desire the entire community to feel I’m doing a great job representing them.”

Big Brother? Knvery own for representation? Who created that line for Kevin? #bb22

— Noah (
NoahArbz) September 14, 2020

His words, although heartfelt, didn’t precisely obtain overwhelmingly positive responses on social media. Yes, there have actually been many gay guys that have completed on the present (every seaboy has actually consisted of one other than for S1 & S4) but a bigger trouble continues to be.

“It is crucial to stop up because Big Brother has constantly had a difficulty via minority depiction,” seaboy 15 winner Andy Herren (the lone gay male BB champion) sassist this past June. “Tbelow are normally at most two Black houseguests and also one gay houseguest and also Latino and Asian representation is also worse.”

He also provided that “right white males damage 12 of the 21 winners of the present, which is so crazy once you really break it down.”

Da’Vonne, that was evicted last week, brought up a startling suggest throughout her last speech that the show STILL hasn’t had actually an Afrihave the right to American winner. The only time that taken place was throughout its sister celebrity series wright here Tamar Braxton won by a unanimous vote in 2019. Danielle Reyes (seaboy 3) remains the just African American to make it to finale night. And that was earlier in 2002.

It also took them 18 periods for a womale to beat a male (Nicole Franzel over Paul Abrahamian) in the final 2 and 19 periods for a Latino to score victory (Josh Martinez over, again, Paul). Here’s a break down of exactly how each seakid ended:

BB1: White Guy

BB2: White Guy

BB3: White Girl

BB4: Eastern Girl

BB5: White Guy

BB6: White Girl

BB7: White Guy

BB8: White Guy

BB9: White Guy

BB10: White Guy

BB11: White Girl

BB12: White Guy

BB13: White Girl

BB14: White Guy

BB15: White Guy

BB16: White Guy

BB17: White Guy

BB18: White Girl

BB19: Latino Man

BB20: Filipino Girl

BB21: White Guy

Of those 21 seasons two were from the LGBTQ area (Andy and also Kaycee Clark in BB20). And it looks as if BB is going to notch an additional Caucasian winner as the two remaining minorities (Kevin and David Alexander) are on the block and also there’s a triple eviction on Thursday interpretation that among them will certainly even more than likely have to win HOH and also POV in order to endure the night.

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Will things change later on for BB need to it be renewed aobtain following summer as soon as it comes to highlighting even more than 2-3 minorities each season? Time will tell, however it’s looking like that’s more of a no based upon the long history that this show has actually already had.