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On The Walking Dead, he plays Eric Raleigh, the recruiter for the community of Alexandria who additionally happens to be one-half of TV’s initially post-zombie-apocalypse gay couple. In actual life, Jordan Woods-Robinkid juggles multiple careers as an actor, musician, songwriter, and also even more while remaining completely engaged via fans with a prolific social media output. Here are 5 things to recognize about this fan favorite TWD star.

1. He gained his begin in TV on a soap

Jordan’s first television crmodify goes earlier to 2009, as soon as he appeared in 2 episodes of the long-running soap opera The Guiding Light. On his IMDb profile, the actor is provided as Bellman/Blue Man for the episodes. Of course, fans may additionally identify Jordan from his four-episode scolor on the primetime sudser Nashville, where he played Randall St. Claire, as well as his function as President’s Snow’s stylist in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1. (Photo: Jordan Woods-Robinkid.com)

2. He flourished up on a 180-acre pet rescue farm

The actor was born and raised in Bybee, Tenn. on a 180-acre pet rescue farm. “I flourished up as a musician in East Tennesview, playing people and also country music roughly Pigeon Forge, which is the Las Vegas of the Smoky Mountain,” he told Cryptic Rock. While music is in his blood, he later on relocated to New York City to pursue acting. Woods-Robinson has actually some impressive education and learning credentials: He graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts via honors in theater.

3. He’s a member of Blue Man Group

Given his background, it’s not surprising that Jordan was drawn to Blue Man Group, the renowned performance art agency known for its phase productions everywhere the human being. “I was actors as a Blue Man within three weeks after graduating college,” Woods-Robinchild told Cryptic Rock. “It was a perfect marital relationship for me because I assumed, as a musician, I can pick up an instrument and start playing via it. They have actually many custom-made tools in the show. … I am reasoning like a musician, but the Blue Man character is communicating via music which is the global language.” The actor was eventually introduced to the film and TV sector while perdeveloping as a Blue Man in Orlanperform.

4. He’s vegan

Jordan credits his vegan lifestyle for his high power.I think being vegan helps offer me continual energy,” he said in an intercheck out via Undeadwalking.com. “I absolutely noticed a large rise in power as soon as I reduced out dairy and cut down on the amount of processed foods, however my drive is just rooted within me. I’ve had actually civilization ask me before if I do drugs, yet the answer is no. My body have to pump out a herbal speed!” This man is so into being vegan that he as soon as shelp his favorite application was Tofu Hunter.

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5. He runs an virtual recording studio

Woods-Robinson is passionate around the music market, so he provides ago to fellow artists. The actor is co-founder of SOSstudio, an virtual recording studio that gives recording services and also various other technical resources to artists. In an intersee, the Walking Dead star explained SOSstudio as “a firm for emerging artists providing a full-production virtual recording studio, a weekly blog of DIY tips, and a organization podactors for artists.” Woods-Robinchild even released a deyet pop-rock EP, Crazy and Back, via the site.