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If tright here is one primary reason to take a trip earlier to Minneapolis, it would certainly be to visit this area aobtain. The peanut butter is to die for." ~Robert P. (TripAdvisor)

Our dining room is finally reopen up for service! We’re BEYOND excited to welcome you ago right into our underground lair Wednesday-Saturday (8am-8pm) and Sunday (8am-2pm) for dine-in company. Reservations are forced as per regional statutes, and also you deserve to click here to make yours right currently. In enhancement to taking all traditional covid precautions, we’re likewise preserving a capacity of far less than the legal allowance and spacing out reservation times in order to encertain that you and our staff are all as comfortable as feasible.

Not all set to return yet, or simply need a convenient meal? We"re happy to be giving delivery & curbside pickup so you have the right to take a little Hell residence via you. Just order utilizing the switch below and also we’ll carry your food straight to you for delivery. If you’re doing Curbside Pickup, concerned the pickup zone under our flashing red awning, offer us a contact at 612-238-1424, and one of our Hellians will run your order out right to you safe and sound. We"re taking orders from 8am-7:30pm Wed-Sat (and 8am-2pm Sun), and also we"re so excited to view every one of you again!

Our team is proud to display off their brand-brand-new distribution & curbside menu complete of Hell"s Kitchen favorites and also fun brand-new options. Of course you have the right to select from timeless dishes such as our award-winning Lemon-Ricotta Hotcakes, the made-from-plants Impossible Burger, Mitch & Steve’s $10,000 Award-Winning Ribs, and also plenty others. But we"re likewise whipping up take-and-make brunch platters, take-residence Mahnomin Porridge kits, Build-Your-Own Bloody Mary & Mimosa kits, bartender-curated beer samplers, and more to aid carry the complete Hell"s Kitchen experience residence via you.

Outside of our shipment range? You deserve to likewise click here to order thru DoorDash, or here to order thru GrubHub. We choose you order by means of our webwebsite directly (if possible) bereason deliveries made by our staff save us handing over a percentage of each sale to a third party, however no issue which you choose, we desire, need, and appreciate all orders.






80 South 9th St.Minneapolis, MN 55402


Dine-In (Reservations REQUIRED):

Wed-Sat 8am-8pm Sun8am–2pmMon-Tue CLOSED

Curbside Pickup & Minneapolis Delivery:

Wed-Sat 8am-7:30pm Sun8am-2pmMon-Tue CLOSED


"THE LEMON RICOTTA PANCAKES WERE AMAZING. SELL-YOUR-SOUL-TO-THE-DEVIL AMAZING.I will certainly unearth the key behind their production, oh yes. And then….AND THEN…THE WORLD WILL BE MINE! (Cue florid organ music and thunder and also lightning in the background.) Or at leastern a really remarkable breakquick dish I can use to win friends and influence civilization." ~JD Boelter (blogspot.com)

"GREAT BREAKFAST AND GREAT LOCATION.Loved the saconsumption bread. I understand it sounds weird yet it was really tasty.I loved the jams and peanut butter. Excellent choice for breakrapid." ~Melate R.,Milwaukee, WI




"Amazing food, but the bloody Mary bar is the factor to go to brunch! Best bloody bar. By much. BY FAR." -Andrej (Google Review)


While our dining rooms are ultimately reopen up, we don’t yet feel comfortable opening up our Bloody Mary & Mimosa bars. But are afraid not, we’ll be bringing earlier this show-protecting against alternative as quickly as we feel safe doing so. Until then, we have actually our continual (and also still award-winning) Bloody Marys and also Mimosas still obtainable.


Welinvolved Hell’s Jacked Up Bloody Mary and also Champagne Mimosa Bar, our epic 35-foot-lengthy centerpiece with a mind-blowing selection of options..

Choose our award-winning Standard Bloody or Mimosa ($9.95 each), or for simply $5 more, take a expedition dvery own our black icicle hallmethod and produce your very own jacked up Bloody featuring 243 warm sauces, gourmet rim salts, ostays, meats, cheeses, peppers and also dozens of other garnishes. Or make a magnificent Mimosa from an variety of juice options, fresh fruit, and also a whirlwind of various other vivid and creative alternatives.

We’re supplying a wide array of options for curbside pickup & Minneapolis Deliextremely HERE, accessible from 8am-7:30pm Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat, and 8am-2pm Sun. Hell On Wheels Skymethod Delivery is presently unaccessible.

"FUNKY, FUN, GREAT FOOD. And even more importantly, your extremely arranged team made planning the celebration so much easier."-Maggie B., Austin, TX

Our award-winning restaurant celebrates and reflects off Minnesota in a means your guests will certainly remember lengthy after they’ve gone earlier home.

You have the right to pick to hold your one-of-a-kind occasion in one of our 3 distinct, entirely distinctive rooms. Or, if your occasion requirements a a lot bigger space, we sometimes offer our whole restaurant as a "personal buy out" so your guests can comfortably reap themselves in one of the a lot of distinct venues in the Midwest.

Did you forobtain to snag some of Mitch"s legendary Peanut Butter to take back home? Or did you want among our Kitchen T’s, a mug, or possibly our Damn Good Food cookbook? Just click one of the over web links for gift cards, food items, or various other Hell’s Kitchen goodies available nowright here else on the world.

We’re thrilresulted in have excellent local musicians performing live on our phase throughout brunch company eexceptionally Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 1pm. Check out our calendar for a full list of performers!

MUSICIANS: We have actually a set music schedule through tried & true artists from the Twin Cities on our stage, yet if you’d like to call our booker, click here for more information.

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