In the cosmetic human being, there’s a long-standing controversy over which is better for your makeup artist kit: airbrush makeup or typical makeup? The truth is, if you’re in search of a definitive answer, you’re most likely not going to discover it. This is bereason one is not much better than the various other 100% of the time! Instead, you’ll find that for some clients, airbrush makeup is the much better alternative. But for others, continual makeup is the way to go.

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So what’s the difference between the two? In which areas does airbrush makeup triumph? Alternately, as soon as is consistent makeup the stronger choice? Let’s uncover out!

True to its name, airbrush makeup is a type of makeup particularly developed for an airbrush gun and air compressor. The makeup itself is most often water-based, alcohol-based, or silicone-based. Airbrush makeup is typically applied in multiple, sheen layers.

These layers build up a flawmuch less finish on the skin that photographs effortlessly, blends beautifully, and also is the majority of frequently times waterproof. In addition, airbrush makeup deserve to likewise be offered for other areas of the face, such as eye makeup, blush, contour, and highlighting, etc.

More generally used and also convenient for everyday wear, traditional makeup is considered any of the complying with products that are used to the skin utilizing makeup brushes, sponges, etc.:

Some situations might deem airbrush makeup the leading competitor, while in others, typical makeup is the winner. In some cases, both are equally great. For example, some may argue that airbrush makeup lasts longer than regular makeup considering that most airbrush makeup is waterproof.

However, plenty of standard makeup is likewise waterproof. But even for assets that aren’t, so lengthy as the makeup has been appropriately primed, applied, and finiburned via a solid establishing powder and/or spray, it need to host throughout the day simply as well as airbrush makeup would certainly.

Similarly, while airbrush makeup is well-known for its remarkable illusion of flawmuch less skin, that doesn’t expect traditional makeup can’t execute the very same. If the products are properly prepped, used, and finiburned by an professional that knows what they’re doing, both makeup kinds have the right to produce superior results on the client and also photograph really well.

But we’re below to watch the differences between airbrush and also continuous makeup, not simply their similarities. So, below are some scenarios that show when one may be much better than the other…


While both types of makeup deserve to perform this, regular makeup is remarkable. Yes, airbrush makeup – especially as soon as layered – can aid reduce the appearance of blemishes, but that’s not what it was designed for. Airbrush makeup is lighter, whereas standard makeup is created for fuller coverage.

On height of this, airbrush makeup often times can be restricted in terms of its shade options. Some clients may have skin tones, acne, or blemishes that airbrush makeup just doesn’t have actually the appropriate pigments for. But consistent makeup offers a much large array of colors to occupational with and also select from.

Regular makeup likewise has actually shade correctors, specifically made to aid mask imperfections. If your client has something she demands to be extended up, you will certainly have the ability to uncover a consistent product in your makeup artist kit to carry out the project.

Especially for those who’s clients are going to be external in the warm sun, or taking component in an emotional occasion (such as a wedding), makeup artists should arm themselves through the ideal commodities that can finest combat moisture. If your client sweats or cries, she doesn’t want to need to problem about her makeup cracking, creasing, or running down her face.

Technically, through the right setting assets, both airbrush and regular makeup have the right to take care of this job. That being said, airbrush makeup is naturally much better at this – specifically if the airbrush makeup is silicone-based. Many airbrush makeup is currently waterproof, but when it’s silicone-based, it adds that added layer of security that constant makeup doesn’t have.


But as we disputed, the majority of airbrush makeup is waterproof, offering it a much thinner consistency. It doesn’t create that appealing, flawmuch less finish on dry and also oily skin. Rather, it have the right to often appear flaky when applied, especially on drier skin. For these skin kinds, your clients would advantage more from conventional makeup.

If, yet, your client has dry or oily skin, airbrush makeup might be unflattering. Regular makeup has actually a thicker, creamier texture. It can help include moisture or appropriately mask oiliness, relying on what the skin needs.

Neither makeup is a one-fits-all as soon as it comes to the assorted various skin types. Airbrush makeup is finest for those via well-hydrated skin. As a dominion of thumb, if your client has normal to combicountry skin, airbrush makeup is going to look jaw-droppingly stunning on her (so lengthy as the makeup is used by an MUA who’s trained in utilizing an airbrush machine, of course). Between airbrush makeup and also continual makeup, a client via either of these skin kinds would certainly most likely finest benefit from airbrush makeup.

But you also have to save in mind that if you have clients on a budget, they may not desire to shell out more money for airbrush solutions.

In general, airbrush makeup can actually prove to be a bit pricier. You have to element in the expense of an excellent quality machine, and also then the makeup commodities themselves (which aren’t specifically cheap). Sure, you can make up for that by charging clients more for your airbrush services than you would your constant makeup services.

But don’t forget: with constant makeup, tbelow are plenty of products you can swap for their drugsave countercomponents. You have the alternative to save money, without sacrificing high quality. That leftover cash deserve to then be put towards buying also more products!

Because tright here appear to be more products you’d need to purchase for standard makeup, you might think that it would be more expensive than airbrush makeup.

As a professional MUA, structure up and then preserving your makeup artist kit will be an investment. Whether it’s continual makeup or airbrush equipment/makeup, it’s going to price money, and also it won’t always be cheap. This is a truth eincredibly makeup artist deals with, and also while we know it might suck occasionally, it’s additionally worth it.


Here are the facts: so long as you have actually formal makeup training and also certification under your belt, regardless of whether it’s in airbrush makeup or continual makeup, your resume will certainly impress clients. Any education and experienced training are going to assist you stand out from the competition.

That being said, an MUA via endure in both continuous makeup and airbrush makeup can look more skilled all at once than an MUA without the added airbrush training. It not only tells this client that you’re an also even more well-rounded makeup artist, capable of various techniques and applications. It also demonstrates that you have actually the passion, dedication, and drive to get even more schooling and certifications to your name.

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At the finish of the day, tbelow are pros and cons to airbrush makeup AND conventional makeup. It really depends on your level of training, your comfort level via the commodities, your client’s skin kind, what she desires, and so on Tright here are lots of factors to be taken into consideration, and also as you can see, no singular case in which airbrush makeup or continuous makeup is 100% the ideal option.

Want to learn 3 various airbrush looks from the ‘King of Airbrush’, Marc Harvey? Check out his webinar via Nathan Johnson here!


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