Ipod usb stick

You can use the Files app

to accessibility files stored on exterior tools or servers, such as USB drives and also SD cards, file servers, and also various other cloud storage providers favor Box and Dropbox, after you attach them to your iPod touch.

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Insert a Lightning to USB Camera Adapter, Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter, or Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader (all offered separately) right into the charging port on iPod touch.

Note: The Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter deserve to be powered via a USB power adapter. This enables you to connect USB devices with better power needs, such as outside hard drives, to iPod touch.

Do among the following:

Connect a USB drive: Use the USB cable that came through the USB drive to attach the drive to the camera adapter.

Insert an SD memory card right into the card reader: Don’t force the card into the slot on the reader; it fits just one way.

To check out the contents of the device, tap Browse at the bottom of the screen, then tap the name of the device below Locations. If you don’t check out Locations, tap Browse aget at the bottom of the screen.

To disattach the device, ssuggest rerelocate it from the connector on iPod touch.

Connect to a computer system or file server

Tap at the peak of the Browse screen.

If you don’t view , tap Browse aget.

Tap Connect to Server.

Get in a regional hostname or a network attend to, then tap Connect.

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Tip: After you attach to a computer or file server, it shows up in the Recent Servers list on the Connect to Server screen. To connect to a current server, tap its name.

Select how you desire to connect:

Guest: You can connect as a Guest user if the shared computer permits guest access.

Registered User: If you select Registered User, enter your user name and password.

Tap Next, then select the server volume or mutual folder in the Browse screen (under Shared).

To disattach from the file server, tap

beside the server in the Browse display.

For indevelopment on just how to set up your Mac to share files, view Set up file sharing on Mac in the macOS User Guide.

Add a cloud storage service

Download the application from the App Store, then open the app and also follow the ondisplay instructions.

Open Files, then tap Browse at the bottom of the screen.

Tap More Locations (below Locations), then revolve on the company.

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To view your contents, tap Browse at the bottom of the display screen, then tap the name of the storage service below Locations. If you don’t view Locations, tap Browse again at the bottom of the display.