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The iPhone stuck on the "Connect to iTunes" screen have the right to be very troublesome because you are unable to gain accessibility to the iPhone in any way. Tright here could be many factors why iPhone goes to the "Connect to iTunes" display screen, including the latest iOS 14 upday that went wrong, a jailbreak procedure that didn"t go rather as planned and also other reasons. In this write-up, we share with you several complimentary means to fix this difficulty and also have actually your iPhone functioning generally aobtain even your iPhone is running iOS 14.

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Before checking each technique, you deserve to look at the compariboy table first.

DifficultySuccess RateRequired TimeFile Loss
Force Restart iPhone to Get out of "Connect to iTunes" ScreenEasyLowShortNo information loss
One Click to Fix iPhone Stuck on iTunes LogoEasyHighShortNo information loss
Resave iPhone to Bypass "Connect to iTunes" ScreenComplexMediumLongErase all data
Check Hardware at Apple StoreComplexHighLongIt depends

1. Force Restart iPhone to Get out of "Connect to iTunes" Screen

Force restarting your iPhone is a common means to resolve many type of iOS issues consisting of the "Connect to iTunes" screen. Here is just how to conduct a pressure rebegin on various iPhone models:

For iPhone 6 or Earlier:

By pressing and holding both Power and Home butlots at the same time. Don"t release them until you check out the Apple logo design on the display screen.


For iPhone 7/7 Plus:

Hold both Volume Dvery own and also Power buttons conpresently. Keep holding till Apple logo design appears on the screen.


For iPhone 8 to iPhone 12:

Quickly press and also release the Volume Up button; then perform the same on the Volume Down button; ultimately press and also host down the Power switch till you see the Apple logo design.


If you are the lucky male, then your iPhone will certainly reboot and go back to normal. However before, many type of human being fail in this way and also require some various other approaches to obtain out of the "Connect to iTunes" display screen.

2. One Click to Fix iPhone Stuck on iTunes Logo

If the initially solution cannot aid you, right here is a quick deal with that we would certainly like to present. It is the tool jiyuushikan.org Fixppo (iOS 14 supported). It has a function that helps customers to leave recoincredibly mode (Connect to iTunes screen) via one click. The actions are incredibly straightforward. Just click "Enter/Exit Recoexceptionally Mode" on the residence page of the routine. Then click "Next" on the following display.


Now you deserve to click the switch "Exit Recovery Mode".


Wait a brief while, your gadget will certainly get earlier to normal.


3. Restore iPhone to Bypass "Connect to iTunes" Screen (Documents Loss)

To unfreeze your iPhone from "Connect to iTunes" display screen, you have the right to likewise entirely restore iPhone using iTunes to eliminate iOS problems. This is usually the last method to fix iOS concerns. Please kindly note that you will certainly lost all the data and settings on your iPhone. Follow these simple steps to restore your iPhone:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone with computer utilizing the USB cable.

Step 2. Now you need to put your device right into DFU mode.

For iPhone 6 or earlier models: Press Home button and the Side button at the exact same time for about 8-10 seconds, and then release the Side switch. Keep holding the Home button till iTunes detects your device in recovery mode. Please note that your iPhone display is babsence now.For iPhone 7/7 Plus: Press and host the Volume dvery own button and also Side switch togther for 8-10 seconds. Release the Side button however contiune holding the Volume dvery own button for at leastern 5 secs. The black display screen of iPhone and the pop window of iTunes expect you succeed.


For iPhone 8 or later on models: Quickly press the Volume up button and also then Volume down button. Press and host the Side button till the display screen turns babsence. As soon as the screen goes babsence, push and also organize the Volume dvery own switch along with the Side button for 5 seconds. After 5 secs, release the Side button however store holding the Volume dvery own switch for at least 5 secs. Your iPhone has actually gone into the DFU Mode if it remains black and also the iTunes notification appears.


If iTunes can"t acknowledge your iPhone, attempt to uninstall it and reinstall the latest version.

Tip 3. Now simply click Rekeep iPhone which will wipe your iPhone and begin a clean installation of your iOS. Your personal information and settings will certainly be shed. Your iPhone will rebegin after restoring.

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If this technique doesn"t assist you, you can try the Cutting edge Mode of jiyuushikan.org Fixppo which uses various technology from iTunes to solve the significant iOS difficulties of iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. It rescues all iOS tool from iOS troubles.

4. Check Hardware at Apple Store

If none of the over tips job-related, hardware problem could be the factor that causes your iPhone stuck on "Connect to iTunes" display screen. We recommend that you make an appointment through Apple and also inspect the hardware at Apple save.


Before fixing this type of iPhone difficulty, please make a backup of your iPhone selectively or fully.

Further Tip to Fix the "Connect to iTunes" Problem (No File Loss)

If the all the solutions above cannot help you, you need to repair your iOS bereason there must be some glitches via the software application of your iPhone. jiyuushikan.org Fixppo likewise helps in this case. It works perfectly when it concerns solving iOS connected troubles. Here are some of the attributes that make it superior.

It wins much excellent feedback from its customers bereason of its high performance and also positive outcomes.It is 100% secure and also incredibly easy to use. You have the right to perform it totally by yourself.


Here we would certainly prefer to tell you the simple steps on just how you can use the feature of jiyuushikan.org Fixppo - Standard Setting to soptimal your iPhone mirroring iTunes logo design and also charger. This feature will solve the trouble without information loss.

Tip 1. Connect Your iPhone to ComputerOpen the jiyuushikan.org Fixppo from your desktop. Now connect your iPhone and also computer with a USB cable, then pick the "Standard Mode" from the residence display.


Step 2. Choose and Download Firmware

The software is programmed to instantly recognize your iPhone. Once it detects your tool, it will sell all the compatible versions of firmware forced for your phone. All you need to execute is pushing "Download" after the firmware is gave.


It will take numerous minutes for the firmware to be downloaded, so you have to be patient. After the downloading and install, the regime will certainly verify the firmware and extract the software program immediately.


Step 3. Get Your iPhone out of Connect to iTunes Screen

When everything is prepared, you simply have to click "Start", and also jiyuushikan.org Fixppo will certainly begin running the repair procedure to make your iPhone functioning aacquire. You iPhone will be booted after repairing. It will be in normal mode currently. You have the right to currently usage your iPhone via all data kept accurately.


Next off time once you, unfortunately, satisfy such a difficulty no matter once you are upgrading to iOS 14/13, or in various other instances, you can choose jiyuushikan.org Fixppo to help you out. Download the complimentary trial version of jiyuushikan.org Repair Tool for iOS System to offer it a shot now!

Everypoint You Need to Know About "Connect to iTunes" Problem

After obtaining your iPhone out of "Connect to iTunes" display screen, you might wonder why your iPhone/iPad/iPod is stuck on it and how to stop this problem aget. Here we have the right to carry out the answer for you.

1. What May Cause the "Connect to iTunes" Error?

Failed iOS Update

The iTunes logo may appear on the display screen of your iOS tools once your ongoing iOS update to iOS 14 is terminated and also failed. This might occur once your iPhone has actually a low battery life and also you have not connected it to a charging cable.

Failed Factory Restore

When continuous manufacturing facility settings regain goes wrong on your iPhone, it can occur that your iPhone will be stuck on the Connect to iTunes display.

Failed Jailbreak

A jailbroken iPhone might bring you much fun, but jailbreaking itself might not for the truth that it goes wrong incredibly conveniently, especially once you perform some imcorrect operations.

Hardware Damage

If you have dropped your iPhone or gain your iPhone overheating, your iPhone deserve to additionally be stuck on Connect to iTunes.

iOS Errors

Tbelow can be some iOS errors throughout your day-to-day use of your iPhone, so your iPhone could be stuck on Connect to iTunes when you rebegin it.

2. How Can You Avoid the "Connect to iTunes" Problem Again?

To proccasion your iPhone from showing iTunes logo design and charger, you need to carry out the following points in your daily life.

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Sheight Jailbreak. Jailbreak is a double-edged sword, which brings people convenience and also difficulties. Now, Apple takes even more measures to prevent jailbreak on iPhone, so even more and also even more errors show up on those jailbroken iPhone. That"s to say, the incredibly first point you must perform to protect against the "Connect to iTunes" difficulty is stoping jailbrek.Check your iPhone routinely. iOS errors are commonly led to by the imcorrect procedure of iPhone. So you must store iPhone in a great state to mitigate the system difficulties. To do that, you should examine the battery and storage of your iPhone eextremely now and also then so regarding promise the normal operation.Protect the iPhone. Hardware damages is the worst trouble for any type of digital gadget. And those damperiods have the right to not be repaired by yourself if you are not a tech-savvy. Therefore, you deserve to use a phone protector and also clear the dirt on the phone frequently.