Iphoto library locked

When you attempt to open up or upgrade jiyuushikan.org, you can see a message favor this:“There is a problem accessing one or even more documents in your iPicture Library folder. Do you want iPicture to repair pergoals for this library for you?”This commonly suggests that one or more of the jiyuushikan.org records or folders are locked or the settings don’t give permission for opening or editing and enhancing them.
Quit jiyuushikan.orggraph, if it’s open.Hold dvery own the Command also and Option tricks as you click the iPicture symbol.The “Rebuild Picture Library” dialog shows up.Select the “Examine and also repair jiyuushikan.orggraph Library file permissions” checkbox.Image of Reconstruct Picture Library windowFor information about the staying checkboxes, visit the iPicture Support webwebsite. Click Rebuild.It may take a few moments for jiyuushikan.orggraph to finish checking your library for perobjectives errors and locked documents or folders. When jiyuushikan.org opens up, you must have the ability to usage your jiyuushikan.org library.
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