Iphoto keeps freezing

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I was importing some images into iphoto last night once iphoto quit to respond and also just showed a "finishing import" or something similar message. The vivid wheel was spinning about for an hour, however nothing changed. Activity Monitor showed a "not responding", so lastly I did a "Force Quit". Now, do I should worry about the library? iphoto did start normally aget, and the number of images (around 40k) and events it confirmed is within the intended array. But still... I feel a little worried.Is tbelow a means to perform a type of consistency check to make certain that everything"s fine... or am I overly worried?

Check all the boxes and also hit ok, then wait till it finishes. With 40k photos, it"ll take a while, but it"ll make certain whatever checks out. If it does not provide you any type of errors and also it shows up that every one of your photos are still tbelow, then you must be in excellent shape (which is likely).Oh, and also absolutely make certain you"re backed up.jW
Thanks, Mal. That"s an excellent principle. I"ll try that.And about the backup: I"m just in the procedure of establishing up my first iMac and also transferring all my papers. The iphoto freeze actually taken place at the extremely end of a collection of sessions of my photos from an outside difficult drive. So I still have all the data tright here, yet I would choose to avoid going through an additional 5 to 6 hours lengthy importing procedure.Once it"s erected, I desire to (1) usage the outside tough drive to execute a time machine backup (what"s the ideal file device for that?) and also (2) use another one (which currently additionally holds a backup of all my data) to carry out an increpsychological backup in humanly readable form (still searching for some software program for that).
It functioned. It turned out that the 22 photos (and also the corresponding event) I was importing once iphoto cramelted were absent in the library after the inspect. Everything else is still there... and someexactly how iphoto seems to run a bit much faster after rebuilding the library...

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