Iphone video format not supported

"I took a video of my daughter and also when I went to evaluation it, my iPhone shelp "Unsupported Video Format. This movie cannot be played because the video format is not sustained." Then when I pulled up the camera aget it said tbelow was not sufficient storage. Is tright here a way to get the video earlier or am I screwed? "

"I cannot load video from Hero 5 Black into my iPhone 6S Plus using Record app. I have actually tried via both 4K and 1080P however the Capture app obtain the error "Failed: Video not supported". Can you assist me out? Photos execute load correctly - it is only video, that I cannot download to my iPhone (running iOS 10)."


Many type of an iPhone user reported obtaining error messages like "unsupported video format", "unsustained video format null" and "this video cannot be played bereason the file format is unsupported" when playing particular video clips.

These videos refsupplied to play on iPhone are either the .mov documents swarm via iPhone itself, or the 4K/2.7K high definition footperiods videotaped with GoPro, DJI Mavic or any various other DSLR or digital camages. It may also happen once making use of video editor software application. For instance, "unsustained video format" message regularly pops up once loading video in PocketVideo.

If you"ve ever challenged with such trouble through your iDevices, just examine why the iPhone unsustained video layouts error happens and also how to fix video not sustained by iPhone iPad issue.

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3 Major Reasons Why iPhone Shows Unsustained Video Style Error Message

1. Your iPhone runs out of storage room as a result of the big dimension of the video, especially the 4K/2.7K and also greater frame video. How to fix: You should reduce video dimension for iPhone to conserve file room or optimize the storage area in iCloud Photos.

2. The format in which you"re recording at isn"t the type that iPhone supports. How to Fix: Go with a video clip converter to revolve the unsupported video format to iPhone compatible file.

3. The videos will not play on iPhone simply bereason it is corrupted.How to Fix: You should repair it or reduced off the corrupted video(s) with a video editor.

How to Solve Video Format Not Supported Error on iPhone iPad

Frankly, iPhone provides a bundle of apps to address the video format not sustained issue and also renders video transcoding a snap. But tbelow are no one-soptimal solution in a solitary application to address video format conversion, compression, damaged video repairing, let along the big 4k 60fps video editing and also resizing. When handling the video through higher resolution and structure, these apps will certainly freeze or crash on iPhone even as soon as it is equipped via A12 processor.

Hence, rather relying on multiple apps readily available by iPhone to settle the unsustained video format error one by one, a better solution is functioning via a full-featured desktop computer software program that allows you to reduced, modify, redimension, compress and convert the problematic videos.

For those who desire a one-sheight shop to solve all the video format problem with iPhone without misoperation, jiyuushikan.org deserves you attention. It is an all-in-one video toolkit that have the right to deftly convert iPhone unsupported format, compress 4K 240fps videos, edit or reduced off the corrupted video clips. Thanks to the solid support of level-3 hardware acceleration powered by Intel QSV, NVidia, and also AMD, jiyuushikan.org have the right to gain all points done without lags or freezing.

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To begin via, make certain to carry the videos that cannot be played on your iPhone to the computer. If the videos are tape-recorded with GoPro or various other camages, you can import them to a computer system through SD Adapter.

Systems 1: Resize Video to Save More Void for iPhone

It"s famed iCloud Photo Library uses a flexible option to optimize iPhone storage by storing all the full-resolution originals in smaller versions on iPhone. But the difficulty is users of iPhone constantly reported downfill errors on iPhone video and also ended with blank display screen. To stop this issue, below we share you the solution to shrink video on computer instead.

Tip 1: Downpack and also launch jiyuushikan.org, pick Video and also clik + Video to fire off the video processing attribute and fill the video that iPhone won"t play.


Step 2: Select the output format sustained by iPhone, such as MP4, MOV or M4V.

Tip 3: Hit Option button via a gear icon to enter a brand-new panel, where you deserve to readjust resolution, codec, bitrate, frame rate and even more parameters

- Lower Resolution: Videos taped by GoPro or DJI Mavic won"t play on iPhone and also say unsustained. This is a frequently error bereason of the high resolution such as 4K or 2.7. By lowering the resolution, e.g. from 4K to 1080P, the video will drastically downsized to a smaller sized file that your iPhone have the right to play. Theoretically, this will certainly degrade video top quality to some extent. But tbelow isn"t any type of noticeable change of quality as soon as you play the compressed video on the smaller-screen iPhone.

- Change Codec: The support for HEVC is built into iOS 11 or later. If you are working via iPhone 7 or later on, be sure to convert H.264 to HEVC in such a way to minimize the file dimension by 50% or more without visible top quality loss. If you are making use of an iPhone 6s or earlier, you"ll then have to adjust HEVC to H.264 as HEVC video won"t play on older iPhone.

- Reduce Bitrate: Bitprice plays a direct duty of video file size. But once the bitprice reaches beyond the limit value, the video top quality will not boost, however the file dimension will be incredibly large. You have the right to pick Manual from the drop-dvery own menu and set the value for the particular video, say 35-45 mbps for 4K 2160P video. And select ABR instead of CBR for the more efficient data compression.

- Decrease the Frame Rate: It"s undeniable that video of higher framework price, such as the slo-mo video at as much as 240fps, eats up more storage area than normal one at the very same resolution. To smoothly play a video on iPhone without video format not supported error, downgrading it"s structure rate, for circumstances, rotate a 60fps recording to 30fps file, is a great means.

- Increase GOP Value: Increasing the value of GOP will bring about decreased I-framework that is much larger than B- and also P- frames.


Tip 4: Hit RUN switch to begin handling video with optimized file dimension for iPhone.

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Equipment 2: Re-encode Video to iPhone Supported File Format

Step 1: Open jiyuushikan.org and click Video button.

Step 2: Tap +Video switch to load the video that doesn"t play on iPhone.

Tip 3: Click Tarobtain Style to pick the output format supported by iPhone. You deserve to go to Apple Device and also click iPhone Video and also pick the certain iPhone design you are making use of. Regardless of compatibility varies by the version of each gadget and operating mechanism version, jiyuushikan.org keeps updating to assistance the latest design and collection the best video playback settings without bothering you to change the obscure parameters yourself.

Downfill jiyuushikan.org totally free to re-encode to fix unsustained video format on iPhone now!

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Step 4: Click RUN to start converting the iPhone unsustained video file to iPhone friendly format.

To play the file format that is unsupported on iPhone, like the MKV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MTS, AVCHD, etc, you can follow the over steps and readjust the incompatible video format to iPhone supported one favor MP4, MOV, M4V.

However before, why your MP4 or MOV video cannot play on iPhone?

iPhone supports MP4, MOV and also M4V videos. However before, these layouts describe the container offered to organize the audio, video, text and also various other media data. To take MP4 as an example, it have the right to host H.264, AVCHD, AVC, and also a few various other codecs. However before, just the MP4 videos that contain HEVC, H.264 or MPEG-4 video codec deserve to play on iPhone.

Note: iPhone supports video formatted in HEVC just as soon as it is upgraded to iOS 11 or later. The playearlier of HEVC video at better resolution, e.g. 4K, on iPhone will certainly be stuttering on older gadgets.

Equipment 3: Cut off Damaged Video to Fix Video Format Not Supported Error on iPhone

Tip 1: Open jiyuushikan.org and also click Video switch on the main interface.

Step 2: Drag and drop the problematic video in the window or you have the right to ssuggest click +Video switch to pack the damaged video.

Tip 3: Choose the desired video format iPhone supports.

Step 4: Click Cut button listed below the video information. Drag the knob on the slider to pick the video clips you preferred and also rerelocate the damaged area. Click Done to save the clip.

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Step 5: Click RUN to begin export a brand-new video without damaged area and then you deserve to play video on iPhone without video format not sustained error. If the video is physically damaged which minor settle won"t aid, just go to skilled video repairing tool to get it resolved.

Are Tbelow any type of Other Caprovides Responsible for Unsustained Video Layout Error on iPhone iPad?

Yes. The unsustained video format on iPhone error occurs probably bereason the video is downloaded from unsafe sources or downloaded inentirely because of sluggish network-related. Except for this, if the video transferring procedure gets interrupted or your iPhone is turned off during the video deliver, the MP4 or MOV video cannot be played on your iPhone, and you"ll gain the error message too.

For a effective video playago on iPhone, make sure to downpack video from trustworthy reresource at a high-speed internet connection and also sync the video files to iPhone without any type of interruption. If you still cannot fix the video format unsupported error, you deserve to count on a movie player app to examine whether you deserve to play the video back on iPhone.