Iphone text from unknown message not found

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Getting a 'message not found' error message from an unrecognized number on an iPhone have the right to periodically occur as soon as or countless times over numerous hrs. The 'unwell-known message not found' iPhone error practically constantly shows up as an actual message message and not as a system error or alert, yet it deserve to still be frustrating and also confutilizing, especially when you obtain the majority of them. Here's what causes these errors and how to solve them.

Causage of Unwell-known Address Blog post Not Found Errors

The 'unknown deal with message not found' messages are often not a significant trouble to issue about and also aren’t a sign that your iPhone is damaged or dying. These messperiods are normally resulted in by a tiny software program glitch in the iMessage or FaceTime apps, a weak Wi-Fi or cellular signal, or a minor disconnect between your gadget and your network-related provider.


Getting a constant text message from an unwell-known number or deal with isn’t inexplicable and sindicate suggests the sender is masking their very own number so you can’t speak to them ago or recognize them. It’s only really a trouble as soon as the message itself says the message can’t be found.

How to Fix Unwell-known Message Not Found iPhone Errors

Here are numerous prrange services that have actually been shown to fix this absent message from unwell-known sender bug.

Check your mobile reception. If you’re only gaining a couple of bars, this is likely the cause of every one of the lacking message errors as their content can’t be retrieved from your provider’s data centers. You may have to move your phone to a part of the home with a stronger signal or maybe upgrade to a more recent handset.

Turn Airaircraft Setting on and off. This deserve to recollection your connection to your mobile carrier and may resolve any kind of messaging problems you’re experiencing.

Rebegin your iPhone. Rebeginning your iOS gadget deserve to settle a range of technological troubles including those affecting messaging apps and services.

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Turn iMesseras and also FaceTime off and also on again. Open Setups and also rotate FaceTime and also iBlog post off, restart your iPhone, then rotate these two apps on aget.

Update iOS. It’s important to keep your operating system up-to-date not just for defense reasons however likewise to keep everything running smoothly.

Update your iPhone’s apps. Many apps won’t work appropriately if they’re not running the latest variation. Updating all the apps on your phone can rerelocate the error if this is the trouble.

Recollection netjob-related settings. Netoccupational settings could be causing your message to be shed or incomplete. This will certainly resolve any kind of connectivity worries your iPad or iPhone might be having actually through your cellular provider.

Perdevelop an iPhone difficult rebegin. A tough restart is a slightly more dramatic restart. It won’t delete any information but it will refresh the operating device and also apps to improve performance and smooth out any kind of glitches and also bugs.

Block unknown callers. Blocking all calls and also messeras from unwell-known numbers have the right to be an excellent way to alleviate spam texts and messperiods from scammers.

If you have actually important contacts who speak to or message you from anonymous or covert numbers, this setting will block interactions through them.

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Clean your SIM card. While you’re checking to check out if your SIM card has actually been worn out or scratched, view if it’s end up being dirty at all. If so, very closely clean it utilizing a dry cotton swap or a lint-totally free fabric.