Iphone splitting text messages

iOS 12 has addressed the long-standing iArticle separation threview problem, but now reports have actually arised that the settle has actually developed an even bigger mess than the one it intended to settle because civilization are seeing their chat threads erroneously combined via different contacts.

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The worry was reported on Apple Support Communities (1,2,3,4), Reddit, Twitter and in other places.

1Password designer Robbie Pierce has discovered out that iOS 12 merges iBlog post conversations with the exact same call, but various email addresses and also phone numbers. This was supposed to address the split thcheck out difficulty that has actually plagued iPost for years.

The break-up thcheck out issue manifests itself as soon as one of the world in your attend to book switches both their phone numbers and also email addresses for iMessage, or provides multiple devices, or a call switches SIM and also so forth.

This supplied to result in multiple chat threads being developed for a single contact.


— robbie ?️‍? (
heartofpixels) July 10, 2018

As an instance, a frifinish might sfinish you an iMessage from the email address linked via their Apple ID. IF this is followed by, say, one more message from their iMessage-allowed phone number and also a third message from their Android phone number, each message would wind up in various chat thread before iOS 12.

iOS 12 was meant to address that conundrum by enabling a much-necessary linked thread use, but now 2 entirely unassociated message threads from completely various human being are being merged erroneously into a solitary threview, causing the Messperiods app to acquire perplexed and send your message to the last person you messaged.

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One impacted user wrote:

Without question, this issue started once I upgraded to iOS12. This concern has been damaging and also requirements to be readdressed ASAP. I depfinish upon iMessage and also have the right to no much longer trust/depfinish on the tool to send messperiods to the proper perboy. In the very same method, I cannot be certain from whom texts are actually being sent out.

The trouble might create possibly exceptionally embarrassing instances wbelow a user’s text may go to numerous people undeliberately. “When I try and message one separately, they all finish up back in the same thcheck out as the perchild that texted me last,” according to one Twitter user.

AppleSupport I am enduring troubles on ios 12 wright here 2 iPost conversations I am having are unified right into one threview. When I try and text one individually, they all end up back in the very same thcheck out under the name of the perkid that texted me last. Do you have actually a solution?

— Tyler (
livlikeverdeyen) September 25, 2018

“Does anyone recognize how to fix this iOS 12 bug that merges 2 contacts together because my Mom and sister are currently under the same message thread point so I gotta message my sister under Snapchat currently,” another poster complained.

PunikaNet speculated that because many impacted individuals share a widespread Apple ID through some of their family members members might intend iOS 12 is merging iArticle threads based solely on Apple ID and also ignoring names, emails and also phone numbers. But as Forbes pointed out, others are reporting the worry once the recipients don’t share the very same Apple ID.


A user reported their mommy and dad’s chat threads have actually merged

As a temporary settle, delete all the messages in the thcheck out each time after sfinishing any type of brand-new messperiods to a contact. Sfinishing private messperiods to the wrong civilization is quite a major difficulty that we mean to be fully addressed in a future software application upday.

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Apple provides no cite of this attribute in the iOS 12 release notes.

Are you seeing chats from various contacts merged after updating to iOS 12? Are you conscious of potential various other worries in iOS 12’s Messperiods app?