Iphone sim card reader repair cost

Could I have the ability to rearea my sim card reader in my iPhone 6? I saw the apple save and they said that they wouldn"t be able to replace the reader, just the phone for $299. I was wondering if tbelow was a cheaper alternate prefer replacing it myself?




theimedic argued, it is better to mail it off for repair and is not a DIY job and as Tony argued, it is unlikely the reader unless you have damaged it in some means. If it is not corrosion or damage, it is a lot of likely a Baseband IC concern. Are you obtaining "Searching" (No Service)? What concern are you having and a small background on what taken place to it?

Yes, it would be cheaper for repair than Apple replacement.

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You have the right to relocation it yourself if you have the appropriate equipment but you have not explained the fault. It is very unusual for the sim tray to fail as its simplicity is for making contact with the sim just.

Only for corrosion would I look to the sim tray as the fault

I had actually this problem on a 5c a while back.

My solution was pretty easy.

I opened the phone, powered it up

and also gently pressed down on the sim card reader.

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While I was pushing dvery own on it the phone started analysis the card so

this told me the cage had actually someexactly how been extended and also was no longer holding the sim card tight sufficient for a great connection.

To resolve this I gained a pair of old tweezers and also and pressed 6 small dents in to the holder, three dvery own either side. (around 2mm from the edge)

It really didn"t look pretty however it operated a treat, took me all of 2 minutes and also meant I didn"t need to relocation the holder which I personally think is a nasty little bit project.

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Sherry Farrell

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I have a iPhone 6s the battery exploded inside of it. I have recovered whatever whatever functions except it won’t review my SIM card and also the just noticeable damage is at the SIM card tray at the ago of it exactly how have the right to I relocation it?

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Microsoldering.com is a place to look for the repair or Ipad rehab-both can rearea the reader if that is actually all that is damaged. They deserve to likewise provide you with a further diagnosis

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No organization or no sim have the right to sometimes be addressed by simply cleaning the sim reader, some isopropanol and also a tooth brush is all that"s necessary a lot of of the moment. Also check the six sim pin contacts are standing nice.

Next off action would certainly be to hang a charger port in with the lower antenna associated. If still no luck then a reset of netjob-related settings, then an iOS update.

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After that then it"s a board level repair the majority of most likely.

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