Iphone screen scrolls down

whenever before I"m on twitter or tumblr or basically any type of website and also scrolling it always scrolls me back up

its extremely annoying

I assumed probably it was my display protector so I took it off and it still keeps doing it

my phone is in perfectly good conditon , never dropped it or spilled anypoint on it.

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please help

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Cshed all open apps by double-tapping the home switch, then swiping up and also off the screen through the application home window (not the smaller icon).

Reset your device: hold down the residence switch together with the sleep/wake button until the display goes babsence and you view the jiyuushikan.org, then let go. (No data loss)

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Mine does this as well, pointer of hard reset does not settle. Anyone obtained any better suggestions? It"s really annoying!

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Yep mine does this too, began a week or two go and is exceptionally annoying

running iOS 8.3 on an iPhone 5 (16gb). Also confirming that a difficult reset does not work plus I"ve readjusted my screen protector.

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I visited the Genius Bar this day and was advised it should be a software concern (no hardware issue identified). When I got house I plugged the phone into the pc and did a factory recollection as advised. I then set my phone up as a new phone. I stupidly forobtained to gain some details out of my "notes" file which was a tiny annoying. But not fifty percent as annoying as finding out that despite establishing my phone up as a totally new phone, the difficulty still exists! Back to the Genius Bar I will certainly go

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Yeah it"s definitely not a software problem I think it"s either our screens or possibly that we have actually grease/oil on our screens/hands? I don"t know just please upday us on the second Genius Bar and what they say. Thanks


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fundamentally jiyuushikan.org have have recognised the concern however are unable to diagnose it. Because I"ve had actually my phone for over a year it is out of warranty and also therefore they are uncame to that my product does not work-related.

they have actually advised I go after a customer legislation insurance claim through my seller, Vodafone. A quick pilgrimage to the Vodafone keep and also they available to send my phone amethod to customer solutions that might look at my case however can not promise anypoint. Apparently a repair would price £150 anyway!

It would certainly show up my alternatives are limited to solve, basically I very own a product that does not job-related and also neither the manufacturer nor seller care. I will certainly speak to jiyuushikan.org customer business to comordinary and see where that gets me. If they won"t help I will never before buy an additional jiyuushikan.org product aobtain.

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Jun 9, 2015 4:15 AM

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Dec 6, 2017 5:07 PM in response to StuartG79 In response to StuartG79

Same problem iPhone 7. Scrolling to optimal while on some sites.

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Dec 6, 2017 5:07 PM

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