Iphone ringtones missing

Recover Ringtones on iPhone in 3 Ways

Some users report they can’t find the ringtones bought from iTunes store after iPhone update. If the same point happens to you, don’t worry. The write-up right here will certainly teach you 3 tricks to recuperate missing ringtones from iPhone.

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Primo iPhone File Recovery

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Recently, iOS 10.3/10.3.1 update brings some troubles. Tright here are individuals showing they fairesulted in uncover ringtones or alert tones purchased from iTunes save. This web page might aid you out if you accomplish the trouble as well. Unchoose music, movies, apps, publications and audiopublications, you have no choice to re-downfill the absent ringtones from iTunes save, iBooks keep or App store. But there are means for you to recuperate ringtones on iPhone. We list 3 tricks to regain ringtones on iPhone in this tutorial. Just check out on.

Table of Contents:

Trick 1. Recover Ringtones on iPhone via iTunes

With iTunes, you are able to sync your music, movies, publications, tones and even more. Before syncing through iTunes, you’d much better make a backup for your iPhone, and then follow the actions to recuperate ringtones on iPhone by syncing them from your computer system.

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Install the latest iTunes and open it. Plug in your iPhone. Click on the phone shaped icon in the upper-left edge of the iTunes window. Click Tones under Settings on the left side of the iTunes window. Check the box next to Sync Tones. If there’s a inspect in the box, syncing for tones is currently on. Click Sync to sync ringtones back to your iPhone. Check to check out if your ringtones are currently on your iPhone. Go to Setups > Sounds > Ringtone.

Recover Ringtones on iPhone via iTunes


If you don’t see some tabs under the Setups, it indicates that they are not in your iTunes Library. After turning on Sync, your iTunes library content syncs each time that you attach your iDevice to computer system and also have actually iTunes open.

Trick 2. Resave Ringtones on iPhone from iTunes Store

Before restoring ringtones from iTunes store, you have to turn off Sync Tones in iTunes. Otherwise, you may downfill duplicate tones to your iPhone. To revolve off that, simply uncheck box beside Sync Tones.

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Sign in through your Apple ID. Tap Rekeep. Tap Done. When you obtain a press notice on iPhone, tap Downfill. Check to check out if your ringtones are currently on your iPhone. Go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone.

Trick 3. Recover Missing Ringtones from iPhone by means of Primo iPhone Data Recovery

To recuperate ringtones on iPhone (iPhone 7/7 Plus is included), Primo iPhone Documents Recoexceptionally provides a much easier approach with just two procedures. It is specially emerged to retrieve lacking or deleted iOS data. A full of 25 types of iPhone information can be recovered by Primo iPhone File Recoextremely, including ringtones, notes, contacts, messeras, photos, audiobooks and so on.

- Before recovering, it enables previewing all the ringtones on your iPhone.

- Enables to selectively choose specific ringtones that you want to gain earlier to recoup.

- Supports restoring ringtones directly to your iPhone or to computer.

- In enhancement to recoup ringtones from iPhone, it also permits you to gain back them from iTunes/iCloud backup without wiping existing information on iPhone.