Iphone cannot be synced an unknown error occurred -54

If you discover that your iPhone cannot be synced through iTunes, and saying that an unknown error (-54) arisen, it indicates you have actually met the iTunes error. Don’t concern, in this write-up we will certainly tell you what is iTunes error (-54) and also just how to fix it.

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Pleasure Taylor Last Updated: Aug. 05, 2020

When using iTunes to backup, restore or sync your iPhone, iPad, you might face a lot of issues, such as iTunes error 14, error 50, 39 and 54. When you attempt to sync your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch through your computer system, you can watch a message that says: “The iPhone 7/8/x/11 cannot be synced. An unwell-known error emerged (-54)”.

You might have actually tried many methods digital to solve this iTunes sync error, such as updating iTunes to the latest variation and upgrading iPhone/iPad to the newest iOS operating device. However before, the “iTunes sync error 54” still can’t be resolved. Here in this short article, some possible means will be introduced to you. Keep analysis and uncover a way that works for you.

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About iTunes Sync Error (-54)

This sync error 54 is one common iTunes problem people might confront as soon as updating COMPUTER to a new Windows operating mechanism.


iTunes Error 54 Message

And it can occur for more reasons like: a lot of world think it is concerned authorization and management issues – computer system doesn’t permit unauthorized individuals to sync some information to iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. You may be the perchild that has actually no permission to modify or relocate the data. And the data you want to sync may be the “iTunes” folder or just some files (such as songs, photos and movies), the media content in iTunes is not arranged.

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How to Fix Unrecognized Error (-54) around iPhone/iPad/iPod Cannot Be Synced

Sometimes fixing your iTunes sync error (-54) seems a tiny challenging because it is difficult to uncover which records reason this problem. In this case, you need to sync individually to uncover what type of data you can’t sync. For instance, you have the right to sync just songs to iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 to check whether the music documents reason this unwell-known error (-54).

Of course, tbelow are some prevalent tips you deserve to try to resolve this error:

Equipment 1. Upday iTunes and iOS to the Latest Version

Sometimes iTunes updates would certainly solve the errors and bugs of iTunes, so make certain your iTunes is the latest version. And the factor why iTunes refoffers to sync your iPhone is can because it does not support the out-of-day iOS. Check your iPhone and also update it to the latest iOS and also try to sync through iTunes once aget.

Systems 2. Authorize Your Computer in iTunes

If your computer is not enabled to access your iTunes content prefer apps, music, movies, audiopublications, and so on, iTunes refoffered to occupational in an “unknown” computer and the syncing is interrupted. You need to authorize your computer system in iTunes and try to sync again:Open iTunes > Account > Authorizations > Authorize This Computer > Go into your Apple ID and passcode if you see a dialog box > Tap the Authorize button.


Authorize Computer

Solution 3. Consolidate Your iTunes library

If the media content in iTunes is not arranged, it’s probably causing the problem. So you require to organize all the purchased content from the iTunes Store at one location in the iTunes folder.Open iTunes > From the menu bar at the height of your computer system screen or at the height of the iTunes home window, choose Documents > Library > Organize Library > Select Consoliday documents > Click OK.


Consoliday your iTunes library

Solution 4. Uncheck “Read-Only” to Change Permissions of iTunes Folder

“Read-only” permission for the iTunes folder on PC doesn’t allow it to sync through the linked iOS device. So you need to uncheck the option. Here are the actions that you can follow to adjust the permission:

Open Windows Explorer > Go to Music folder > Right Click on iTunes folder > Select Properties > Unexamine Read Only.

Solution 5. Run iTunes in Administrative Mode

Sign in to Windows as an administrator > Right click iTunes symbol > Select “Properties” > Select “Compatibility” > Check to run as administrator.

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Equipment 6. Check for Issues with Third-party Security Software

Some third-party software, including protection software application, deserve to interfere with the sync process between your computer system and your gadget. Change your protection software’s setup and also watch if it fixes the concern.

Systems 7. Downpack One Regisattempt Repair Tool

Downfill one registry repair tool to clean every one of your PC’s registry errors. Windows computer system registry errors may cause the error (-54) that some records cannot be accessed and also moved from computer to one more gadget.

Solution 8. Use AnyFix to Fix 200+ iTunes Errors in 1-Click

To aid you out, AnyFix involves offer you a 1-click solution to Fix 200+ kinds of iTunes errors as you mean, consisting of sync/CDB errors(iTunes error 54, iTunes error 13014, iTunes error 0xe8000065, and also more), connection/backup/reclaim errors(iTunes error 4013, iTunes error 14, and more), installation/download/upday errors(iTunes error 9006, iTunes error 4000, and more), and so on With no tedious operations required, and also you never before problem around no information loss.

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Free Download

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To do this, you just breezily downfill and also install AnyFix, and follow the in-depth actions below to settle your iTunes sync errors 54 without hassles.

Step 1. Launch AnyFix on your computer, then click “iTunes Errors” on the best side of the main interface.


Tap on iTunes Repair from Homepage

Step 2. Select “iTunes Sync/CDB Errors”, and also you will see the”iTunes error 54″ on the ideal side of the interface, and then click the “Fix Now” button to deal with your difficulty immediately.


Choose iTunes Sync/CDB Errors

Step 3. Connect your iPhone to the computer system.


Connect your iPhone through USB Cable

Step 4. The repairing process will begin. Wait a minute and also it will show you the Repair Completed web page.


AnyFix is Repairing iTunes Sync/CDB Errors

Systems 9. Use AnyTrans to Sync Your iPhone to Computer

After trying all the remedies mentioned above, if your iPhone still cannot be synced as a result of the unknown error emerged (-54), you deserve to seek help from some iTunes different, favor AnyTrans. It allows you to sync data in between iPhone and also iTunes without effort. Here are the attributes of AnyTrans.

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AnyTrans – iTunes AlternativeTransfer iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch through computer system easily.Extract and also list all your iTunes library files completely and also safely.Sync schosen files from iTunes to iPhone and won’t erase existing information.Work well through all iPhone (iPhone 11 & iOS 13 supported).

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