Iphone calendar location not working

Because the latest iOS update, I"m no longer able to see iCal locations on two various iPhone 6+"s. Though there"s an enattempt, the location indevelopment is empty. When EDIT is clicked, there"s an X to the left to delete the indevelopment that isn"t visible. I deserve to search for the information recognized to be in the area block and it finds the indevelopment in the search, yet it"s still not visible. The very same location enattempt (synced in between the iPhone and also the iMac) IS visible on the iMac. The exact same issue is emerging with an additional iPhone 6+ and a MBP. Both iPhone 6+"s have the most current iOS 10.2. Fortunately, sync is functioning so the place indevelopment is still available on the iMac and MBP.

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I"ve currently offered this bug feedback to jiyuushikan.org, yet until they fix the glitch, does anyone understand a means to acquire the location information to be shown on the iPhones?

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Posted on Jan 14, 2017 7:58 AM

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Hi takom. I had this specific same worry take place on an iPhone 6S that was updated from iOS 9.3.5 to 10.2.1. The area data is there, and also it"s still good—as confirmed by checking on the Mac—yet it shows up that the iPhone sindicate falls short to correctly reconcile the indevelopment. The deal with is to wipe the calendar information from the phone and also reconstruct it from scrape. Here"s what functioned for me:

Build a safety and security net – Archive your calendar data

Follow the instructions at https://support.jiyuushikan.org.com/kb/PH11524 to export all calendars right into a calendar backup file on your iMac. This will serve as the canonical variation of your calendar occasions. Nothing catastrophic need to come from this procedure, yet if a difficulty does occur, this file can be supplied to reclaim all your calendars to the way they were.

Disable iCloud Calendar syncing

On your iPhone, go to Setups > iCloud. Scroll down and also tap the slider for Calendars to turn it off. When asked what would you choose to carry out via the formerly synced iCloud calendars, tap Delete from My iPhone.

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Check sync settings for Calendar

On your iPhone, go to Settings > Calendar. Verify that the setting under Sync is correct for just how far ago you desire old events to sync. (In my case, I decided to sync All Events.)

Enable iCloud Calendar syncing

On your iPhone, go back to Setups > iCloud. Tap the slider for Calendars to turn it on.

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(Optional: Refresh your calendars)

If you haven"t set your iCloud data to Push sync, you"ll have to manually refresh. On your iPhone, open the Calendar app and also tap the Calendars tab. Swipe dvery own on the list to refresh occasions and also reminders. (This wasn"t necessary in my case, however if it doesn"t instantly begin syncing, this action will certainly begin the process.)


Verify calendar data

On your iPhone, go to the Calendar application. Events need to populate as your phone downloads the information. For mine, it took about a minute for everything to download over Wi-Fi.

After the procedure finimelted, I discovered all my calendar events had their place data visible again. I hope this helps you out. Good luck!