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Notification sounds no longer come thru phone or radio in any kind of automobile as soon as linked to bluetooth. Almeans functioned fine. Sounds came thru radio if radio in bluetooth mode, or thru phone if listening to radio stations. Now only phone ringtone works. Email sent, text sent, message received sounds don’t work-related. Soon as i walk from car and bluetooth disengeras, sounds are earlier. Started newly, I’m on OS 12.1.4 so had to be last update or 2 at a lot of. Frustrating to travel and not understand a repertoire of messeras being stockpiled. Not on mute or DND or anypoint else. Literally rotate off automobile so BT disengaged and send a text, or email and also hear the “swoosh”., all sounds return. 3 various cars, so its the Phone/software application and something recent. Also, did a manufacturing facility reset, no change.

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iPhone 7, 12

Posted on Mar 2, 2019 1:51 PM

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Mar 3, 2019 2:11 PM in response to bobdarlaprepare In response to bobdarlaprepare

Hi bobdarlacook,

Thanks for the post in jiyuushikan.org Support Communities. I view you've been running right into some worries via notifications while utilizing your iPhone via a vehicle.

The behavior you define sounds extremely similar to that you'd view once you're utilizing Do Not Disturb while Driving. You discussed you might have looked into some of those settings already. If you tap Settings > Do Not Disturb, and then scroll down to the Do Not Disturb While Driving area, what's selected there? This has even more indevelopment about this attribute functions for reference: How to usage Do Not Disturb While Driving

Knowing that this happens with multiple vehicles is valuable. Have you verified that the firmware is up-to-day for your vehicles? This is a possible factor that can add to this form of behavior: If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod doesn't connect to or job-related in your car

Also, to clarify, you discussed you did a factory reset. Did you do this making use of iTunes? Did you regain any data from a backup prior to you tested it out?