Iphone and uconnect problems

When you unplug the battery you reset all the choices, it’s more than likely prefer a manufacturing facility recollection. I think the difficulty it’s not only jiyuushikan.org iOS. The uconnect is a really old device, my mechanism is 5 years old, and also there are not updays for it, so I guess the iOS has actually some deprecated attributes by now and uaffix cannot keep up with that. Anyway, so much everting works fine and also I almeans wear my jiyuushikan.org Watch 3

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I've noticed that it seldom connects when I have actually my jiyuushikan.org Watch on. When I have actually no watch, or an analog one, it connects eexceptionally time.......

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Having the very same concern via all iOS 13 releases. Connects for 1 vehicle ride favor 1 out of 10 times. Then same as you, reset network-related, foracquire device and also still nopoint. They don’t solve it quickly, I’m going to Android!

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Same Story.

My wife and I simply picked up our brand-new iPhone Max Pros on Monday evening. My wife paired it to her UConnect 8.4 in our 2014 Journey. Everything seemed fine. She parked the car and about 1.5 hours later on when she was leaving she noticed it didn't connect. After she arrived house and also had actually tried whatever. (removing the profile for her old phone from the UConnect. She rerelocated the prior UConnect (from previously in the day) from her new iphone. Then she dubbed me out. We tried everything. We invested over an hour on this concern. Finally we removed ALL propapers on the UConnect. Rebooted her iPhone several times. Bluetooth on and also off - also going to airplane mode at times. Reset ALL the netoccupational settings. Found some blogs on just how to reboot the UConnect. Eventually we pulled the battery and also let the car sit for 10 minutes. When we hooked it ago up her phone might check out the UConnect and the Uconnect was associated to her phone (and I paired mine too). SUCCESS - right? WRONG! This a.m. she drove our daughter to college and also noticed aobtain her phone was not associated to the Uaffix. Tried to affix it and also even repair it - very same problems as last night. She didn't go so far regarding pull the battery - bereason after all she wasn't driving almost everywhere for awhile - so why bother.

Then I discovered this short article - and also realized it most likely isn't completely a UConnect problem as a lot as it is an worry through the latest software program (iOS13.1.2) which I now think is the culprit.

Crazy point though. I have the same phone and also is not having actually this worry in my 2015 Dart GT. Maybe a different UConnect version in my car?