Iphone alarm auto shut off

I have a rearising alarm set to go off Monday - Friday for my IPhone 6. Late last week it simply fairly working. It keeps turning off on its very own. Before I go to bed I will revolve it on again. When I wake up in the middle of the night and also inspect it, it mirrors it is turned off aget so I re-rotate it ago on yet it only ends up turning off aobtain. I am up to date on software application updays and also have actually tried refounding my phone and have actually totally deleted the alarm and made a new one. Nopoint works. Has anyone else had this worry with their alarm auto shutting off? How perform I solve it?

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Have you tried a forced restart? Press and hold the Home and power buttons until the jiyuushikan.org shows up, then let go and also allow to finish beginning.

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Normally, deleting the alarm and including it back solves the difficulty so this is a bit odd. Perhaps try setting the alarm for a minute earlier or later?

Do you have actually low power mode enabled? I do not know if that would cause a difficulty or not.

Do non-recurring alarms work?

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Yes, I have actually tried a compelled rebegin. My alarm was on before I rebegan. After I restarted it was mirroring off aacquire. I turned the alarm on aacquire but a few hours later it reflects off aobtain. It wont remain on for some factor and also is really rather annoying.

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I forobtained to point out that the one non-recurring alarm I collection did work-related and go off. But, I dont feel that I should need to constantly collection a new alarm eexceptionally night. I simply want the app to job-related like it is supposed to and supplied to. Also, low power mode is not on.

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Have you tried deleting this alarm and redeveloping it? I have a recurring alarm collection for 2 days a week, Monday and also Wednesday, that I usage to remind me of an obligation I have actually. I have actually had it set because January, and also it goes off religiously eextremely Monday and also Wednesday. Do you have actually snooze turned on for this alarm?

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Melp10 wrote:

But, I dont feel that I have to have to constantly collection a new alarm eextremely night. I simply want the app to job-related choose it is intended to and also supplied to.

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I get that and also I agree. I just wanted to verify that the trouble was limited to only recurring alarms.

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My iPhone has been my just alarm clock for years. My recurring alarms carried over once I updated to iOS 9.3.1 through no problems so I recognize it should work.